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Remember World War Z the movie? Right. Back in 2013 the movie starring Brad Pitt released with the horrifying idea of zombies attacking in hordes and being able to use each other as ladders which basically means you are never safe. OK now, imagine this as a game reminiscence of Left 4 Dead, and voila you got World War Z the game. It is a beautiful and entertaining experience with zombies (which is a sentence I haven't written in years...) ...when it works.



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Zombie games is, to say it lightly, an overused idea for a game. We have been overrun with zombie games (pun intended) these past couple of years, so for me to be chosen to review yet another zombie game wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but luckily for me World War Z is actually a good zombie game, in 2019!

The first problem with the game however started the first time I booted it up when I wasn’t able to log into the servers. I tried for about an hour before I gave up and played around with the offline portion of the game which was luckily working at launch. And the game quickly gave me a huge Left 4 Dead vibe which isn't a bad thing by any means, but it also sets the bar pretty high which is unfortunate for World War Z as Left 4 Dead was a classic. But again, luckily the game does its own thing which manages to separate the game from the herd of other zombie games out there.


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The first noticeable difference between this and L4D is that World War Z is played in 3rd person view as opposed to L4D which is 1st person. Think Gears of War handling and gameplay and you are pretty spot on. But the main thing I was worried about was if the current consoles could handle this huge amount of zombies on screen at once which is mainly the games main focus point and selling point.

But I never experienced any lag at any time even though there had to be hundreds of zombies on screen at once and it looks pretty amazing when you see a horde of zombies crawling on top of each other slowly making a ladder of zombies to climb onto where you are located.


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The game is divided into two main portions, one is the campaign bit which can be played both online or offline coop which is PvE with a story attached, and the other portion is the PvP version of the game divided into smaller game modes which pins you again other players and sprinkle zombie hordes on top, which calls for intense and some pretty incredible moments.


There is also different classes to choose from which comes with their own special abilities which can be upgraded and you can also purchase new ones with currency you earn throughout the different missions regardless of how the outcome is. But the different classes comes equipped with a set of load-outs (which are customizable) but you can also change weapons while you play the game as there are stations spread across the different maps which gives the player to restock on ammo, health, grenades etc. Where you can pick up and try out new weapons.


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The beautiful balance here is in form of teamwork and how extremely important it is to help out your fellow woman or man, if you fail to do so you will most likely not survive much longer. My time with the online part of the game parred me up with helpful people. I don’t know if I was just lucky with my teammates or if it is an overall thing but I think it might be more of an overall thing seeing as you won’t stand a chance on your own out there.

The PvP is divided into Quick Match which is a random game mode, Swam Domination which feature zones to capture like other similar Domination modes, King of the Hill is regular KotH, Swarm Deathmatch which is regular Deathmatch, Scavenge Raid which is collecting resources to earn points and Vaccine Hunt which makes the players pick up vaccine item and it gives you points the longer you hold on to them. Now sprinkle zombie hordes in all of these and you spot on. Beautiful Chaos.


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World War Z managed something I personally thought no game developers could manage in 2019 a fun and exciting zombie killing game. Don’t mind the name, which as stated earlier comes from the book turned movie a few years back, just think of Left 4 Dead and how much fun that was, now throw a 3rd person perspective in the mix and literally hundreds of zombies on screen at once and if that doesn't tickle your fancy then nothing will. But if something here made your eyes tingle then go check out some gameplay videos of the game or if you trust me then go out and buy the game and enjoy.