It has been 11 years since the last numbered Devil May Cry game released, and many fans of the series dreaded that this might be the end of the series if something didn't happen soon. So just when all hope was lost we got the news that not only was there a DMC game in development, but it was a Hideaki Itsuno directed game with Capcom Dev Studio 1 behind him. So for fans of the series you already know what this means but for newcomers of the series let me put it simple, this is good news.



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Did you know that Devil May Cry was actually supposed to be a Resident Evil game? That the only reason it got turned into DMC was the fact that it drifted too far away from the classic RE formula. Shinji Mikami and Kamiya, director and creator of the original Resident Evil took it upon themselves to carry on with the project under a different name, Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry (DMC for short), for those that don't know is an action-adventure/third-person/hack and slash shooter... That is actually the official genre of the game according to Wikipedia. The DMC series is mainly focused around the character Dante who is set to revenge his mother’s murder by ripping through demons. If you are new to the series but you played the newest God of War it is easier to understand the way the gameplay mechanics in a DMC game works. You chain attacks together with different combos that you unlock. In DMC however you are always graded, do well and you earn more points, its not that complicated..


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“The series is very loosely based on the Italian poem Divine Comedy by the use of allusions, including the game's protagonist Dante (named after Dante Alighieri) and other characters like Vergil (Virgil), Trish (Beatrice Portinari), Lucia (Saint Lucy), Trismagia (Satan), Furiataurus (the Minotaur), Geryon, and Cerberus. Many of the enemies are also named after the Seven Deadly Sins, such as "Hell Pride" or "Hell Lust".”

Devil May Cry 5 is directed by the veteran Hideaki Itsuno. It runs on the same engine that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard runs on. It was developed by Capcom Dev Studio 1 which consists of staff that also worked on the Dragon’s Dogma and also the previous DMC series.

When it comes to the story for DMC 5 (or most DMC games in my mind) it is kind of out there and incredible hard to explain. The DMC 5 story might be the weirdest one yet and I am going to quote the Wikipedia version just to try and not use too much of the review explaining it to you:


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“Five years after the events of Devil May Cry 4, Nero has set up his own demon hunting agency based out of a van adorned with a neon "Devil May Cry" sign Dante gave him with support from Kyrie and his engineer, Nico. On April 30, Nero encounters a dying demon who rips off his Devil Bringer arm and uses the Devil Arm Yamato to open a portal to escape in. A few days later, a man known as "V" comes to the Devil May Cry office to hire Dante, Lady, and Trish to kill a certain returning demon...

 The group arrive in Red Grave City on May 16, crossing paths with Nero as they share the same target: A demon named Urizen who has planted a demonic tree called Qliphoth in the city, which is killing people for their blood. The assembled group attempt to attack Urizen together, but the demon overpowers them all; Dante is ultimately defeated and ejected from the Qliphoth, Lady and Trish are captured and turned into cores for the demons Artemis and Cavaliere Angelo, and V and Nero escape to safety.”

Pheeeeew.. Got that? Does any of this make sense to you?

Look, it doesn't matter, in fact most fans of the series will tell you the same thing, you come to a DMC game for the action and the insanely weird story told through insane cut-scenes.


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Devil May Cry 5 shows the return of Dante and Nero as playable characters but this time around you also get to play as “V”, a lesser know character in the DMC universe. Each character has their own unique abilities, weapons and attacks, and they also comes with their own skill tree. You share the orbs you use to level up between the characters and this gives the player the ability to put everything into their favourite or just spread it across the different characters. The only problem here is if you don't know this when you start the game and use all your orbs on the first character you get to play as. The characters are not playable whenever you want, they all have their own portion of the game. I do not want to share any of their moves or abilities as I feel they are best experienced rather than me telling you what to expect. But my favourite is actually “V”. Didn’t see that one coming did you..?


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Listen, it is easy, DMC 5 is everything you want from a DMC game and more, it is more insane, it sounds better and it looks absolutely beautiful. If you are new to the series it is an amazing experience playing a DMC game and if you like action games then chances are you already played a DMC game, if you enjoyed that then you are going to love DMC 5. If you never touched a DMC game however, then this is the one for you. Don't worry about jumping into the series, afraid you might miss out on anything, it is just total insanity and I love it. Amazing work from start to finish.