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The traditional first-person dungeon crawler game genre isnt exactly overrun with fresh new titles lately. With games like Bard’s Tale to Legend of Grimrock this genre has managed to generate interest to a specific set of fans. Enter Vaporum, a new release within this genre with a steampunk twist. Originally the game released on PC back in 2017 but has finally seen

the light of day on consoles as of right now.

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Remember World War Z the movie? Right. Back in 2013 the movie starring Brad Pitt released with the horrifying idea of zombies attacking in hordes and being able to use each other as ladders which basically means you are never safe. OK now, imagine this as a game reminiscence of Left 4 Dead, and voila you got World War Z the game. It is a beautiful and entertaining experience with zombies (which is a sentence I haven't written in years...) ...when it works.