Splatoon 2 is a unique action-shooter where players take control of Inklings, creatures with the ability to turn from kid to squid and back again! The aim of the game is to cover as much of the stage in your team’s ink colour as possible within the time limit. When time’s up, the team that inked the most territory wins

By downloading the free Splatoon 2: Special Demo from Nintendo eShop or via the website, you can play as much of the game’s online multiplayer modes as you like until March 25th 14:59 CET! That includes everything from Turf Wars, Ranked Battles, and even the four-player co-op mode, Salmon Run!

With the Special Demo, not only will you be able to play with friends who already own Splatoon 2, but you can also carry over some of your progress into the full game should you choose to purchase it after playing the demo.