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Ready, Player 1 and 2? How about Players 3 and 4? Bring in the whole crew to enjoy the blast from the past that SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION brings to PS4, the arcade comes straight home in this Launch Trailer


Can you breeze through Crystalis, SNK's first action-RPG? How about defeating Great King Gondo in the multi-directional scroller Vanguard? Check out these and more with the over 20 classic titles in this single collection!



Watch Mode allows you to view a perfect run-through of the game, pause it whenever you want, and jump right back in to take control. Like the name implies, Rewind lets you go as far back into your playthrough as you'd like—very useful for untimely deaths. With these cool features, rage quitting is a thing of the past! Then, take some time to unwind in Museum Mode and learn something new!