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Mastiff Debuts Explosive New Preview Trailer for Heavy Fire: Red Shadow at E3 2018

Created on Saturday, 16 June 2018


Watch the explosive new preview trailer for Heavy Fire: Red Shadow , the next action-packed installment in the Heavy Fire series

In Heavy Fire: Red Shadow players lace themselves up in the tattered combat boots of Sgt. Will, who narrowly survived a North Korean missile attack on Guam and now finds himself almost single handedly trying to repulse an enemy beach landing. As Sgt. Will, step onto the unforgiving battlefield, establish a beachhead, and holdfast behind a turret-mounted machine gun. A brutal and unceasing onslaught of enemy forces will attempt to flank and eliminate Sgt. Will from every angle as he and a few surviving comrades rain hell upon anything that crosses their iron-sights.




Use a devastatingly powerful turret-mounted machine gun and rocket launcher to mow down enemies in 360°
Call in supply drops and support from elite infantry troops, fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, and more
With more than 30 unlockable Field Promotions, players earn power-ups to upgrade and customize their machine gun, rocket launcher, health, and support skills
Strategically push forward across 8 missions in Campaign mode, or fight non-stop for leaderboard dominance in Endless mode
Bring the battle to a whole new level with interactive Mixer support on Xbox One, the style and function of RAZER CHROMA support on PC, and the true immersion of PSVR support on PS4

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow will be released Fall 2018 on the Microsoft Xbox One entertainment system, the PlayStation4 computer entertainment system from Sony, PSVR for PS4 system, and Steam for Windows PC.

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