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Beautiful Concept Art Released for "Seasons after Fall"

Created on Monday, 23 June 2014

seasons03 summer

'Seasons after Fall' is a game about adventure and exploration, crafted with gorgeous two-dimensional visuals


As a wild fox, you will travel across the countryside, through lush forests and quiet rivers, taking advantage of the changing seasons.

Of course, this wild fox can run, jump and yap... The twist is that it will obtain the power to change seasons, anywhere, anytime. How and why? Well, that's exactly what you'll discover by playing.


Experience with Seasons after Fall an ecological and non-violent tale about the world around you that will appeal to your sense of curiosity and wonder.


- Game Title: Seasons after Fall
- Game category: Adventure / Exploration
- Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Consoles download services (TBD)
- Release date: 2015

- Developer: Swing Swing Submarine
- Team size: 5 members
- Known for: Blocks That Matter (2011), Tetrobot and Co. (2013)

'Seasons after Fall' is intended to be available on Windows / Mac / Linux and consoles download services in 2015.

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