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Review - Dragon Quest Builders


What if you took Minecraft and the beloved Dragon Quest universe and mixed them all into one brand new experience? It would probably be the greatest game ever created right? Well, to fans of both games it might be considered that but to anyone the slightest interested in either of the two this would still seem like a perfect fit. Well, Dragon Quest Builders borrows elements from Minecraft and tries to make a new experience out of it and it works, kind of.


Review - WWE 2K17


As a lifelong fan of wrestling dating all the way back to the late 80s when I used to watch wrestling with my grandfather (without my mother knowing it seeing as it was seen upon as real back then) I have tried to withhold my love for the entertainment, but lately my love is slowly dying and the latest wrestling games haven't really done much to keep the spark alive. With 2K taking over control of the latest releases in the now yearly WWE game franchise it has gone from a more arcade entertainment game to a more “realistic” and slow paced package. But even though I have been disappointed year after year since the release of my favourite Here Comes the Pain I haven't stopped hoping this year would be the year they make it all OK again, and this year they do a lot of things right but sadly there are still some leftover jinx from previous games that drags the total experience down a bit for me.


Review - Destiny: Rise of Iron


It is time to return to one of the most talked about games in recent history, we are of course talking about Destiny. Now the name of the game will either bring excitement to you as soon as you hear it or it will bring frustration and annoyance, luckily for me I have always enjoyed Destiny and with the release of The Taken King I still feel as the game is completely changed for the better. But here we are, The Rise of Iron is upon us, the latest expansion to Destiny, but is it enough to have you wipe the dust of your copy of the game?


Review - Filthy Lucre


Have you ever dreamt about being a stealthy burglar? And also being the main character in a Guy Ritchie move? Well Filthy Lucre is as close you'll probably ever get without breaking the law or being that weird guy on the film-set that nobody invited..


Review - Mount & Blade: Warband (PS4)


Mount & Blade: Warband is a stand-alone expansion to the previously released Mount & Blade, and it introduces a new faction, increase political options, giving players the ability to start new factions and brings on-board the ability for multiplayer. Now all of this released on the PC back in 2010, so why are we writing a review of the game just now? Well this is the Playstation 4 version of the game which just released. So the question is as always with games like this, how well can you port a PC game to a console?


Review - Pac-Man Championship Edition 2


Pac-Mans back alright! Again. I can't help but feel like I just wrote a review for a game like this not just a few months ago, but anyway, here we are yet again, another Pac-Man review! This time it is for Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 on the Playstation 4


Review - Jotun: Valhalla Edition


Norse Mythology is something that I personally feel should be explored more in games. We have a few releases so far but nearly not enough if you ask me. There is so much incredible lore that has yet been unexplored so you can imagine my excitement as a Norwegian when I was tasked with reviewing something incredible close to my heart, Jotun, the latest release from Thunder Lotus Games


Review - RIVE


Two Tribes is back with a shrunken down team with their first major release since the downsizing of the primary development team. The name of the game is RIVE, a platforming shoot-em-up which recently released on Wii U, Xbox One, PC, OS X, Linux and the version this review was based upon the PS4. With the same engine as Toki Tori 2+ we get to experience a delightful platformer as we take control of Roughshot the spider tank


Review - Batman: The Telltale Series


Telltale has been seeing great success these last few years and it seems like there is a new Telltale game being released every 6 month, and then a new series announced a month later. Now don't get me wrong, I love the Telltale series at the moment and I feel we need as many of these as they can pump out but I can also see some people getting tired of them. The newest addition to the series though is Batman and this might be one of the better ones if you are a fan of the character and the world surrounding him


Review - Overcooked


Cooking! Who doesn't love cooking? Am I right?? Wait where are you going? OK fine! It is a game, a really funny game, and it has coop in it. Good, you are back. Alright listen, Overcooked is a great coop game but not as good of a single player game and here is why


Review - Brutal


Brut@l is something as uncommon as a ASCII dungeon crawler, now you sit back and you think hard for a second when that genre was last mentioned nowadays. Now that you realize how rare this is let us explain to you why Brut@l is a game you should at least check out


Review - Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle


Marvel Ultimate Alliance is back you guys! But hold up, it is not a new game in the series it is a repackaging of the previous games all rolled up in one bag. So as a long time fan of both Marvel and the Ultimate Alliance series I was eager to check out how they preformed on the new consoles and got my grabby pawas on the Ultimate Alliance Bundle which comes with both games for the Playstation 4


Review - Dangerous Golf


If you take former Criterion Games founders and Developers Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward, put a studio behind them, call it Three Fields Entertainment and try to imagine what game they would make would your first guess be a golf game? Well this is where we are, as Dangerous Golf emerges onto the scene it is Burnout crash mode meets golf, allow me to explain


Review - Pac-Man 256 (PS4)


If you do not know who Pac-Man is then I feel sorry for you. However if you are familiar with the yellow character then chances are you have already played this game on a mobile device, but this is the review for the Playstation 4 version of Pac-Man 256 developed by Hipster Whale


Review - 7 Days to Die (PS4)


This is a weird one, 7 Days to Die is still on Steam's Early Access and yet here we are, with a review for the released Playstation 4 version. But with a hunger for survival games that seems to never end there is clearly a market for games like this to be released, eventhough it is a glitchy mess at times


Review - Heart & Slash


Heart & Slash is a rouge-like game, meaning you loose everything whenever you die. It is similar to older games that I grew up on where you usually had to finish a game in one sitting if you ever were to see the ending. Luckily for this game you bring something with you in the afterlife as you unlock new weapons whenever you progress far enough in the game


Review - DEX


The first time I started playing DEX I remember thinking that this wasn't the game I thought it would be and if I didn't review it then chances are I would have turned it off and probably never picked it back up again, but luckily for me I didn't and slowly but surely it went from a downer to an incredible entertaining and, at times, deep and complex game


Review - Kerbal Space Program (PS4)


Kerbal Space Program has finally come to console, but how does a game so intricate and complex transfer to a controller? I have to admit that I was a bit nervous heading in to this review seeing how much I love playing KSP on the PC, but I suited and booted up and tried out the Playstation 4 version of Kerbal Space Program


Review - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine DLC


The Witcher 3 had my game of the year title back when it released last year. A year has passed and it is still one of the best experiences I have had on the new consoles. I finally finished the latest DLC Blood and Wine and I’ll be damned if this isn't one of the best games I have played in a long time and the DLC just goes to show how much love and passion CD Project Red puts into their releases


Review - N.E.R.O


NERO, or Nothing Ever Remains Obscure is one of those experiences that you sit back and question what a game truly is anymore. It has many description but the official one is “a wonderful journey in a world of incredible beauty...” or to be more specific “a story-driven first-person puzzle game with intuitive controls”. So if any of what has just been described to you sounds boring this is probably not the game for you, however if you are intrigued with this then NERO might just be what you need right now


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