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Review - GRID Autosport


GRID Autosport is picking up where GRID 2 left off a short year ago, and it seems as though this is the game where they took all the criticism and just re-released the game the way the fans wanted it to be. It really is the GRID 2 that we wanted when we played it and even though some of you might feel cheated for picking up another GRID game this quickly you will not regret it at this is the game for the fans


Review - One Piece: Unlimited World Red


I sort of panicked when I first realized I would be taking on a game in a series of games that I really didn’t know too much about, all I knew is that it have a huge following and has also seen a numerous set of releases in the past few years, the game and series I am talking about is One Piece, and this is the review for the Unlimited World Red, wish me luck


Review - MotoGP 14

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As with any racing game they usually fall on me to review, as my speciality is that genre, however I play mostly car racing games and when there are a lot of them it tend to get repetitive at times and I notice I nitpick a little too much since I have seen a lot of them, so when I got word that my next review project would be a motorcycle based racing game I felt an excitement for the genre again and was excited to try out Moto GP 14


Review - Murdered: Soul Suspect


Back in 1990 there was a movie that took the world with storm, it was called Ghost. The year is 2014 and we have a game with the basic principles and it is called Murdered Soul Suspect. Well that is not totally true as in my mind the game is a lot more interesting than the movie was but even though the concept is the same, you are killed, turned into a ghost and it is your job to solve the crime as a ghost. This is our not so spooky review of Murdered: Soul Suspect



Review - Watch Dogs


When you first heard of Watch Dogs it seemed like an over ambitious idea that would never see the light of day, however once we got to play Assassin's Creed Black Flag we kind of had hope that Watch Dogs might not be just a fantasy after all and we started to get excited. After a few delays which hit some fans pretty hard it is finally time to hack the streets of Chicago as we review the PS4 version of Watch Dogs


Review - Wolfenstein The New Order


Inglorious Bastards meets Wolfenstein 3D is the best way to quickly wrap-up my experience with Wolfenstein: The New Order. Since I was the one on the team that remembered what it felt like the first time I tried Wolfenstein 3D and how much impact it has had on the genre to this day I was first in line when the review copies was dealt out. And this is how I truly feel about the latest Wolfenstein release


Review - Transistor

transistor header

From the minds of critical indie hit Bastion comes a brand new experience called Transistor. We get to play around with the PS4 version of the game to see if lighting can indeed strike twice for developers Supergiant Games


Review - Worms Battlegrounds


Back in 1995 I was 14 years old, the perfect age to discover a game that took a army of worms, gave them a huge arsenal of real and insane weapons and just put them up against other worm armies, usually your friends playing next to you. This is how I spent most of my free-time when I played games back in the day, by blowing up my friends in Worms. Some years have passed since then but the recipe is still the same, use your worm army to destroy the other worm army, however the recipe is the same Battlegrounds is a new feature for this brand new release of Worms: Battlegrounds that we reviewed for the PS4


Review - Age of Mythology Extended Edition


We get to take a trip down memory-lane with the release of Age of Mythology Extended Edition. Me personally I am so glad I didn’t have any form of ability to record the amount of hours I put down on this game when it first released back in the day so for me to get to review this release I felt my inner child kick-stepping in his Hammerpants of joy


Review - Bound By Flame


From the developers of games such as Gray Matter, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, Of Orcs and Men and Mars: War Logs comes a role-playing game called Bound By Flame. A game that the developers claimed to be similar to Mars but by listening to the critics feel they have made a much better product. We are here to put this theory to the test by reviewing Bound By Flame for the Playstation 4


Review - Nether

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In the last couple of years the survival apocalyptic games have really made a name for themselves, with names like DayZ and Rust at the forefront there have been numerous attempts to gain as much publicity as those two have managed to get but it seems as though there really haven't been a king crowned in the genre yet but another contender is on the horizon and it is called Nether


Review - Child of Light


Child of Light was hyped up before release and even though the screen-shots clearly showed it was a beautiful looking game, and the fact that the developers behind the successful Rayman franchise was behind it I was actually lacklustre regarding the release and wasn't really reading too much into the hype as I have burned myself on doing so in the past, but once I finally got the game and sat down and played it I knew why this game got the hype it did, and here is what I think of Child of Light.


Review - Trials Fusion


Ever since the first Trials game released I have been a fanboy for the series, and ever game released since then have just taken everything that made the previous game and made it so much better so you can imagine my excitement when I got word I would review the PS4 version of the newest Trials game, Welcome to the Future! We review Trials Fusion for the Playstation 4.


Review - The Elder Scrolls Online


It is finally here, the Elder Scrolls Online has launched after years and years of development and I might be the biggest Elder Scrolls fanatic on the TGP team so there was little to no question about who was going to take on this huge task of not only reviewing a Elder Scrolls game, which in itself is a huge task, but a MMO Elder Scrolls game. Is it the best of both worlds or just too much?


Review - Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends CE


Dynasty Warriors, the name itself evokes excitement for a lot of people and judging by the number at the end (and yes this does not indicate the exact amount of DW games released as there are many, many more) it is a well established franchise by now, we get to try out the latest release in the series, Dynasty Warriors 8. Xtreme Legends Complete Edition for the Playstation 4.


Review - Diablo III Reaper of Souls


The first expansion for the critically acclaimed latest addition to the already well-known Diablo series, Diablo 3's Reaper of Souls has been unleashed upon us and you are in charge of once again saving the world and delving deep, deep underground. Get ready for a lot of clicking, a lot of monster killing and an overload of loot, delicious, precious loot.


Review - inFamous Second Son


InFamous is a game that, even though it isn't the most popular franchise out there it has created enough buzz and a big enough following that it has been able to turn itself into a profitable franchise and Second Son is proof of that, just take a look at the game and you will know what we mean as this is probably the most beautiful “next-gen” or “current-gen” game out there by far, it looks absolutely stunning, but is looks enough to sell you on the game? We get to review the PS4 version of inFamous Second Son.


Review - Luftrausers


We as gamers are lucky to live in a world where games like Luftrausers can exist. The only problem is that it needs to live mainly on word-of-mouth as it is a indie game but if you have followed us before you know how we feel about indie games, and Luftrauser is another reason as to why we sometimes love indie games more than any other triple A release and here is why.


Review - SteamWorld Dig


With the incredible success of Minecraft we have seen these last couple of years it seems like mining is the new thing all games try to implement somehow in their game lately, and Steamworld Dig is one of the few out there that we had the pleasure of reviewing that actually changes it up enough to make it a game that can be referred to as being like Minecraft but it is no rip-off and is a delightful game that I personally think most of you will absolutely fall in love with, I know I did and here is why in my Steamworld Dig Review.


Review - Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a tricky game to review right now, meaning it all depends on what you expect from the release, if you expect a full Metal Gear Solid game you will be disappointed however if you are looking for a snack to nibble on while you wait for Phantom Pain then this release might be right up your alley.


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