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Review - Enforcer: Police Crime Action

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Bad boys, bad boys what you gonna do? What you gonna do when you are tasked with reviewing a Cop Simulation game? Go head first with a clear and incredible open mind and hope for the best.


Review - Borderlands the Pre-Sequel


When Borderlands the Pre-Sequel was first released I thought it was a new expansion to Borderlands 2, and it is somewhat that depending on what you expect from a new standalone Borderlands game. I was hoping for some changes but the overall feel and look of the game to stay the same and I was pleased in some ways but also a little disappointed in some other ways, it is complicated so enjoy reading me trying to express my feelings on the new Borderlands game Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.


Review - The Evil Within

Games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space and even System Shock are games that the name alone will automatically bring back nightmares, flashbacks and horrible memories for any gamer who has ever gone through a game in one of those series, that is if you are into the survival-horror genre of course. So for a developer to take a stand and put out a new I.P in a genre like this it is usually either the start of something amazing or just another drop in an already half-full bucket. What I am trying to say is that if you are going to make a survival-horror game today you better be sure you put on your A game and the latest entry to the list is The Evil Within.


Review - Roccat Tyon


With 16 buttons locked and loaded Roccat's latest gaming mouse is ready to take on whatever mission you might have available, if you are looking for a new gaming mouse that is going to suit your every need then the Tyon Gaming Mouse might be your next preferred choice


Review - Roccat Kave XTD


There is nothing more satisifying for a gamer then a headset that gives the audio more boosts, that locks the outer world outside and pulls you into a game with the quality of the sound alone. For a music lover it is the same thing, locking the real world outside and just close your eyes and take in everything the artist wanted you to experience all because your headset is able to pick up on the smallest details within the sound. If you are looking for a new headset then we might have a suggestion for you as we got to try out the Roccat Kave XTD Headset, so does it deliver?


Review - Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition


Sleeping Dogs was one of the games that finally gave GTA a run for its money, it wasnt the be all end all of the genre as GTA will probably be kings of this as long as they keep delivering games like they have since GTA 3 but it is always great to get to play another open-world game that manages to capture the same excitement of a living and breathing open world like this. Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition is Sleeping Dogs with all the DLC packed into a current-gen package that has everything the game has to offer and more.


Review - RYSE: Son of Rome PC


I got to play around with the beta version of the PC release of RYSE a while back and I was highly awaitng for the complete release just because of how well the early game felt. And now that I have had the release for a while I am eager to share my opinion on a game that didnt get all that much positive criticism when it first released on the Xbox One, so how does the game run on a PC? And will it melt your computer? The answer is good and YES! Yes it will.


Review - Driveclub


After all this time DriveClub is finall upon us, everything is laid out perfectly for this release, a fresh new console to really show off the power of both the game and the console, a new IP that could be a cashcow in form of multiple releases down the line and a developer that is known for their racing games, so what could go wrong? Well, it started off really promising but then it went downhill from there.


Review - The Silent Age

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Silent Age is a game of my favourite genre of all time, ever since I discovered Monkey Island back in the day Point and Click Adventure games have always kept a special place in my heart. Since this is a genre that I have played a lot of different games within also means that I am somewhat critical to new releases of this kind, however I am happy to report that Silent Age does a great job to adress why this is one of the most slept-on genre within the gaming industry to date but it really shouldnt be.


Review - Minecraft PS4 Version


Minecraft is one of those games that I personally have put the most amount of time in of any games released in the last couple of years. I started playing Minecraft when it was in beta on the PC and since then the simplicity of the game has kept me entertained for years and it has come to the point where I am scared to find out just how many hours I have put into this game since I first started, all I know is that it is a unhealthy amount. So you might see where this review is going as I head into the PS4 version of the game.


Review - Wasteland 2


You may not know about the Wasteland series, and nobody will judge you if you don’t, but you may know of another similar game named Fallout. You see Wasteland 1 has been seen and praised as the inspiration for the Fallout series, and since I was the only one on the team who had ever played the first game it made sense that I checked out the second game in the series, mind you the first game released back in 1988 which automatically raises a question and proves a fact right off the bat, that a lot has changed in the gaming industry since then, and can a game with such a long span be relevant in todays fast evolving market and yes, I am old.


Review - Magix Movie Edit Pro 15

grafik-692-video-deluxe-2015-premium-eng 01

Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 might be the software for you if you are into movie editing but you haven't all the right skills to call yourself a professional. This software is here to help you make things if not easy then at least a lot easier. We get to play around with the latest Magix Movie Editing software released Magix Movie Edit Pro 15.


Review - Pixel Poetry


I remember a time when gaming was seen as a pastime activity that kids did, parents didn’t understand it and nobody could play games, write about games or even make games and make good money off it, or so I was told. But here we are, 2014 and not only is gaming one of the biggest entertainment markets ever it is also a time where the triple A games get less exposure while the indie games are slowly but surely taking over. And with money in any kind of business there are bound to be documentaries coming out that addresses the subject, and there is nothing I enjoy more when I watch a documentary then when it is about my favourite activity, gaming. Pixel Poetry is one of the newest ones I have watched and I am here to tell you all about it


Review - Infamous First Light


Infamous: First Light is a direct prequel to what went down in Infamous: Second Son. You play as the female protagonist Abigail Walker in her fight to save her brother. It is time to once again revisit the world of Infamous in the latest release in the series.


Preview - Ryse: Son of Rome PC


I was lucky enough to get a preview build of the upcoming PC version of Ryse that is slighted for release. The former Xbox One exclusive will be available to PC gamers with 4K resolution support and the high quality graphics not only takes it toll on your computer but also your eyes as the game looks absolutely stunning on the computer but how does the game control with a mouse and keyboard?


Review - The Sims 4


The Sims 4 isn't a brand new game in the sense of it reinventing the series, it is still very much a Sims game with minor tweaks here and there. They have removed some things and added some other things, they have improved things which very much needed that improvement and to be quite honest about it, they have taken most things that got criticized in the previous game and not only changed it but changed it for the better. The Sims 4 is in my eyes the perfect Sims game, whatever that may or may not mean to you.


Review - Destiny


How is it possible for a game to be consider the game of the generation, before it even releases, to even get a fair chance once people get their hands on it. Enter Destiny, a game so hyped that there was not chance in hell it would be able to come near the hype, reviewers have been hard on it, gamers have been hard on it, but I might just see things a little differently, and this is why I like that I hate Destiny and this is why I hate that I like Destiny.


Review - Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

2404412-trailer plantsvzombiesgw gardensgraveyards 20131217

A kid friendly shooter is just what we need, a reason to keep kids away from games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. Our prayers have been answered and leave it to the Plants vs. Zombies franchise to make something like this a reality, and here we are, reviewing Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare


Review - Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition


I have personally played Diablo 3 too much, I seriously mean that. Wait, I am not saying that I am sick of Diablo 3, that I played so much of it that I hate it now, I love it even more! I cant stop playing this game, somebody help me! And to make things even worse, Diablo on console is a match made in heaven, and I might be enjoying this version the most, who knew?


Preview - The Crew


The Crew is a few months away from release I got a beta key to play around so imagine this, what if you combined Burnout Paradise with Test Drive Unlimited ?  


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