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Preview - Besiege


Besiege is an interesting diamond in the dirt at the moment, and we want you to go try it, and if you need convincing you should keep reading this preview. But you should check out Besiege, seriously.


Review - Grim Fandango Remastered


Dead and loving it, Grim Fandango gets resurrected with a fresh coat of paint.


Review - Citizens of Earth


Citizens of Earth is a game that might remind you of another game, that is somewhat similar and is hailed within the gaming community as a hidden gem and goes by the name of Earthbound. It is difficult to not draw the comparisons between these two games although yet similar they are completely different and unique in their own ways.


Review - Saints Row IV Re-Elected


Saints Row has gone from the grimy streets with gang rivals and turf wars to the top with Saints Row IV putting us into the role of none other than the President. It has gone from a simple GTA clone to something of its own. Saints Row has come a long way but it is time to bid farewell to this beautiful, yet insane franchise and what better way to bid farewell than a reintroduction on the newest consoles with a remake of Saints Row IV entitled Saints Row Re-Elected.


Review - Saints Row Gat out of Hell

Saints Row  Gat Out Of Hell 67016

In the latest stand-alone expansion to the Saints Row franchise you get to go to hell. To rescue the the boss who is set to marry Satan’s daughter (the story takes a different approach later on in the game). To get to Satan you need to cause enough havoc that even the man himself has to come pay you a visit. And if you played a Saints Row game before you know how delightful that job can be and Gat out of Hell is no different.


Review - Far Cry 4 Escape From Durgesh Prison DLC


Are you like me and needed an excuse to head back into Kyrat? But you might have done everything there is to do and seen everything there is to see, well Ubisoft made it easy for you with the first DLC now available called Escape from Durgesh Prison, which basically is just that, you trying to escape from Durgesh Prison.


Review - Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris


Lara Croft is back but this time she has hired some help along the way in this sequel to the four-player co-op, top-down dungeon crawler/puzzle game Guardian of Light although as you might have noticed there is no mention of the Tomb Raider franchise in the title and this is to separate this product from the recently remade Tomb Raider.


Review - Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) - Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set


The second review in series of Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition reviews have us playing around with the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set. And if you haven't read our initial review of the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition Starter Pack you should do so by clicking here. If you have and are already looking for more Marvel/Disney entertainment for you and your kids then look no furter as we dive into the mysterious world of the Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition - Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set.


Review - Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition)


The first review up in a series of reviews for most of the released additions to the Disney Infinity 2.0 series the coming couple of weeks is the Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes starter pack.


Review - Far Cry 4


Far Cry 3 turned everyone from hater to lover regarding the Far Cry franchise, the previous two releases was mediocre at best in my mind and to see the developers release Far Cry 3 and have it be as good and entertaining as it was felt like a dream come through. I played way too much of Far Cry 3 and was overly excited to get to try out Far Cry 4, but can too much of anything be good for you?


Review - WWE 2K15


The WWE franchise was once the biggest entertainment enterprise in the world but since the late 90s early 2000 the company, still successful, has seen some lower numbers as far as viewers go. The WWE gaming franchise has also taken a hit these last few years and me personally, since I have been with the series from its humble beginnings, was nervous when I got word that I was reviewing the latest addition to the franchise, WWE 2K15.


Review - Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix


Kingdom Hearts is a well-known name for anyone slightly interested in RPGs, and it is also one of the weirdest games out there if this is your first entry into the wonderful world of RPGs. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix which might just be the biggest tongue twister for a game ever, is here and fans of the series will enjoy the collection and the new coat of paint but is it enough to get people back in to Kingdom Hearts and can it get new gamers interested?


Review - Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)

GTAV PS4-590x330

How is it possible for a company to re-release a title for a new generation of consoles and still be able to add more features than other games that has numeral releases, leave it to Rockstar Games to not only release Grand Theft Auto V on a new set of consoles but also make it so much better, and we are already talking about GTA V which in my mind is the greatest open-world game in the series.


Review - Assassins Creed Rogue

ACRO hero

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end. Well, to be fair, this is a Assassin's Creed game so technically it is not the end, my friend but this might just be the last time the last-gen consoles get their very own Assassin's Creed game. And with a release of another Assassin's Creed game on the current-gen consoles it is not that hard for some to make their decision as to which they want to pick up thinking they are both basically the same. But they are not, this is Rogue and not Unity, this is more Black Flag 2 than anything else if you need something to compare it to, but wait, I enjoyed it.


Review - LittleBigPlanet 3


It is hard to hate on something as charming and cute as a LittleBigPlanet game and therefore I tend to weigh towards forgiving rather than raging when I start to get annoyed with something in the LBP games, I have always been this way and I was eager to see if I was still this way as I set out to review the latest edition to the LBP series, LittleBigPlanet 3 on the Playstation 4


Review - Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


Love it or hate it Call of Duty is still on top, the franchise may have lost some of its spark over the last couple of years, mainly with the release of last years Ghosts, but with the newest release in the Call of Duty franchise entitled Advanced Warfare Sledgehammer Games and Activision tries to reignite the incredible sales franchise that is Call of Duty.


Review - SingStar Ultimate Party

SingStar FeaturedImage en vf1

I recently dug out my old Playstation 2 and realized that I had two microphones laying around too, so we tried out Singstar and felt the horribly delicious feeling of absolutely singing your heart out while knowing you cannot sing at all, but you know what? It doesn't matter as long as you are having fun. Few months passed and a review copy of Singstar Ultimate Party arrived in the mail and it was the perfect time to see how much the franchise had changed since then.


Review - Civilization Beyond Earth

2kgmkt civ be ag fob esrb.0 cinema 640.0

Civilization: Beyond Earth can easily be labelled as a successor to Civ V and Alpha Centauri at first glance, however if you dig deeper you will quickly realize that it is more Civ V re-skinned than anything else.


Review - Lords of the Fallen


Lords of the Fallen is a game that has been described multiple times as a Dark Souls clone, although I can see the similarities, and they are many, there is still enough differences here for Lords of the Fallen to stand on its own feet.


Review - Just Dance 2015

JD2015 hero

Who here haven't tried Just Dance for their first time at a party with too many drinks in them thinking it was the easiest game ever and wondering why they haven’t enlisted themselves into Dancing with the Stars yet. And who here hasn’t proclaimed themselves King or Queen of the dance floor and then only to get a reality-check trying to reproduce the magic they thought they had the night before. Just me huh? Yeah Right.


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