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Review - Roccat Tyon


With 16 buttons locked and loaded Roccat's latest gaming mouse is ready to take on whatever mission you might have available, if you are looking for a new gaming mouse that is going to suit your every need then the Tyon Gaming Mouse might be your next preferred choice

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Review - Roccat Kave XTD


There is nothing more satisifying for a gamer then a headset that gives the audio more boosts, that locks the outer world outside and pulls you into a game with the quality of the sound alone. For a music lover it is the same thing, locking the real world outside and just close your eyes and take in everything the artist wanted you to experience all because your headset is able to pick up on the smallest details within the sound. If you are looking for a new headset then we might have a suggestion for you as we got to try out the Roccat Kave XTD Headset, so does it deliver?

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Review - Plantronics RIG Headset

ai 623

The new Plantronics RIG isn't just a headset for either gaming or music, it is also a mixer of both. And how about the ability to switch between the two or how about the ability to hook your phone up to it and switch between gaming, music and important phone calls? Well Plantronics does all of that and it does it well too.

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