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Review - Hand of Fate

Created on Friday, 06 March 2015

zHandOfFate PS4Game P6 EN

You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away and know when to run. Never has lyrics had greater meaning than this time around as we play with cards and life in the latest independent game released from Defiant Development called Hand of Fate





Hand of Fate is at first glance a deck-building, choose-your-own-adventure (think R.A. Montgomery's books, or for the younger audience the Sorcery series for mobile recently released) but as soon as you scratch the surface you will discover how deep and incredible addictive this formula is within Hand of Fate, it is also a action-RPG with actual combat mechanics, now you sprinkle some mazes with traps in there and you have a recipe for something really good.


HoF Screen Gear


The first time you boot up Hand of Fate you have two options right off the bat, a Story Mode which you can immediately jump into and a Endless Mode which is unlocked later on in the game. The game is told and introduced to you through a hooded man with a deck of cards. As you progress through the game you unlock new cards.


HoF Screen Equipment


The cards are divided into monster cards which decided what kind of foes you are up against, the item cards which gives you new weapons, armours etc., the food cards which gives you food, the gold cards which gives you gold, and then there is the random events and location cards which decides where the action is taken place. The hooded man shuffles the deck and then starts presenting you with a laid out path of cards which you uncover one by one as you progress through the level until you hit the end which is a end boss you need to conquer to progress to the next round, and that is how the entire game is played out, pretty simple right? Yet so very addictive.


HoF Screen Encounters


All the way through the game you are set with options you need to choose from which all are randomly laid out through the deck which you either built or had the game build for you, and this decided the outcome of the story. So in one way you can say you “choose your own adventure”, funny how that works out isn't it? As you progress through the game you unlock new cards which you can decide to put into the deck on your next build, or let the A.I. Build a random deck for you. This way the game steers clear of repetition, and also slowly but surely ramps up in difficulty as every round is different.




Each move you make takes food away from you, so you are always going to keep an eye on your food stock, run out of food halfway through you either need to go back to the nearest shop, or just cross everything you have available and hope for a miracle as you slowly loose health by every move you make. Food is not the only problem, besides the random enemy encounters you can run into other random incidents that might drain your health so there is always a reason for your absolute and complete attention from start to finish.




This game was reviewed on both the PS4 and PC, on the PS4 we experienced some frame-rate issues where at times the game would almost be unplayable, however when we reached out to the PR regarding this they spoke of an upcoming patch that will fix this issue as they are aware of it. But since the game is so good we didn't want that to ruin the experience for us so we luckily also got a PC code and if you have to choose, and you cant wait for an upcoming patch, then we suggest you go for the PC version of this game, because you need to try this game out if any of what I just wrote seems interesting to you.




Hand of Fate is an incredible addictive experience and one of the best “time-wasters” in my collection right now. As of now we would suggest you get the PC version, just because it runs a lot smoother, but even though the PS4 version has noticeable frame-rate issues at times it is still so much content and fun to be had here, and if the patch that we got word on is coming through there is nothing that should withhold you from getting your hands on Hand of Fate. You never count your money, when you're sittin' at the table, there'll be time enough for countin', when the dealin's done.

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