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Preview - Besiege

Created on Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Besiege is an interesting diamond in the dirt at the moment, and we want you to go try it, and if you need convincing you should keep reading this preview. But you should check out Besiege, seriously.



Besiege Screen1 big


First things first, Besiege is physics based, it is also a construction/building game, but wait, there is more, it is also a combat game, and it is set with a medievel theme. Your job is simple, build a machine to either destroy a set of enemies, crush a set of buildings, deliver or collect certain items, without dying or mainly destroying your creation.


Besiege Screen2 big


Because you need to build the machine that does these things and all you need to do is keep a set block intact, other than that you are free to create whatever you feel like. If you want to create a tiny flying veichle you can do so, feeling frisky and want to create a giant murder machine go right ahead, as of now you are free to use as many blocks, weapons, items you want to create the machine of your dream, but you can also compete to see who can finish a mission with the least spent blocks and items, it is all up to how you want to play.


Besiege Screen3 big


The blocks are easily put together, and a green and red indicator shows you if you can or can't put a certain item or object in the different spots. The camera controls nicely and dragging and dropping the cubes, blocks, weapons is so easy anyone can get behind it. Think Garry's Mod but a lot easier yet still just as effective and addictive.


Besiege Screen4 big


The game also looks absolutely beautiful, the background is pale off-white which makes the mission objectives and your creation stand out that much more. You can also zoom all the way in close and check out just how detailed the different items are for those of you that are really into that. I just personally love the matchup between the background and my surroundings which gives it a soothing and calming style, that is until you hit play and your deathmachine starts mowing down people or houses.


2015-02-03 00016


As you start the game you are set with a globe and there are different lands spread across it. As of this moment, there is only one “land” available to play around with but the land has multiple missions attached to it, think the Angry Birds layout when it comes to maps and missions, finish a mission to progress to the next but you always have the ability to go back and retry at any time.


2015-02-03 00008


I can't personally wait to see what the developers adds to Besiege, but what I am most excited for is to see more items, blocks and other building materials as the developers keep upgrading and improving the game, and I will personally follow this product for a long time. As of now though it is a fully playable game, with enough missions to keep you entertained for hours, and the replay ability is always present, and there is also a open-creation option which gives you the ability to just go nuts and create the biggest machine you can possible think of, the only thing holding you back when it comes to creating is your own imagination.

Besiege left a great first impression and I am excited to follow this project and see where it takes us.


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