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Review - Civilization Beyond Earth

Created on Tuesday, 11 November 2014

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Civilization: Beyond Earth can easily be labelled as a successor to Civ V and Alpha Centauri at first glance, however if you dig deeper you will quickly realize that it is more Civ V re-skinned than anything else.





Civilization has been my go to game since the first one released way back when. I have played the Civ games for numerous hours, missing sleep, important meetings etc. along the way. Everyone knows that Civilization is my drug of choice so who better to trash their life and sign up for another Civ review than me right?


Screenshot Terrain Lush01


First things first, as soon as you start playing you will get a few choices to pick from to set up how you want the game to act out, you choose your faction, colonists and spacecraft features and then what your cargo will be. Remember this is Beyond Earth meaning you are set to explore a totally new planet, and it is not like any other Civ game where you explore earth. There will be other colonists right behind you so the race is on for global domination, world peace, or whatever you wish to introduce into this new planet.


2503680-civbe 1


The first thing you will notice that is missing are those pesky barbarians, as anyone who have played a Civ game before knows that these barbarians will make your starting period a living hell if you don’t know how to handle them. In Civ Beyond Earth however your main problem is not barbarians, it is aliens. The difference here is that you can actually live peacefully amongst the aliens if you do not piss them off, or try travelling near their nests, and if you do they will quickly end you with no remorse.


2638835-screen fielding diplomacy


Since this is a new planet your other colonists will judge how you approach this new planet, if you start taking out wildlife/aliens some might find a problem with this and judge you for it. There is always someone who disagrees with your decision and you can choose to listen to them and work with them or show them who is boss and take them all on. This is why we love the Civ games, the freedom to rule the world however you like, and you wont have warmongering Gandhi breathing down your neck this time around so there is always that.




In Civ Beyond Earth, the way to victory is nicely divided into three main categories, Purity, Supremacy and Harmony, all are pretty self explanatory but Purity means basically trying to terraform the planet, Supremacy is using anything to your benefit no matter the cost and Harmony is where humans and aliens can coexist in a world without wanting to rip each others heads off.


CivBE 3


The tech-tree is just as powerful and diverse as you have come to know from playing a previous Civ game. The choice is your of what you want to put your powers behind trying to resource and what you find being the most important for your Civs to survive and thrive, even though you are free to choose and pick what you like there is always that small ticking clock in the back of your head where you know your opponents might be trying to go down a certain path to rush a victory on you, but besides from that the techs available for resource are many and all give good benefits overall, it is basically another way to give the player the option to play Civ Beyond Earth their way.




Civilization: Beyond Earth is another great Civilization game for fans of the series, with that being said I was slightly disappointed by how similar it looked and played like Civ V. To be fair this isn’t Civ VI, so the answer might be in the name. It feels like a well made mod at times but there are enough nuances to keep the price acceptable. I don’t know how I would have reacted if this was a numerous Civ release, and seeing as this is a full priced release you need to know what you are getting, simply put Civ: Beyond Earth isn’t a completely new game, it is just an improved version of the already magnificent Civ V and to me that is more than I need to miss more meetings and loose sleep, again.  

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