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Review - Enforcer: Police Crime Action

Created on Tuesday, 11 November 2014

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Bad boys, bad boys what you gonna do? What you gonna do when you are tasked with reviewing a Cop Simulation game? Go head first with a clear and incredible open mind and hope for the best.




Odin Game Studio - a small Brazilian development company previous working on iOS and Android games and also Apps for PC, iOS and Android boasting having two professionals in game / advergame developers, together having more than 10 years of experience teams up with Excalibur who has been in the business since 2004 with games such as Train Simulator, City Simulator and now infamous Euro Truck Simulator to name a few. So right off the bat you should probably have an idea as what kind of game this is, and if you haven't already here is a clue for you, it is all in the title, so without further adieu here is our review of Enforcer: Police Crime Action.


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Alright so maybe the game doesn't have the most incredible name for a game ever, but at least you have to give it credit for being so open, honest and straight to the point when it comes to choosing a title that tries to tell you right off the bat what you are dealing with here. You play as a police officer, and there are crimes to solve and occasionally there is action happening, either the games want there to be action or not, something is bound to happen.

Police simulation games isn't a new thing for Excalibur as they already have Police Simulator 1 and 2, but also Police Force 1 and 2 under their belt, and if any of you already played one of those games you know there is still a lot of room for a really good Police simulation game, and Enforcer: PCA is trying to fill that spot.


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Now before we being let us address some serious issues with some of these games, they do not look incredible, Euro Truck Simulator didn’t sell all those copies because it looked amazing, Euro Truck simulator sold well because it had some interesting mechanics, and from what I have reviewed from Excalibur before the graphics rarely bring something to the table. But wait a minute, there is a reason for me dressing this, it is not to bad mouth Excalibur and the talent they have as I know I have personally enjoyed a lot of Excalibur games in my days of reviewing games, but it is seldom because of the graphic quality or lack there of.


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The reason I love games like these is because they do have those magical random events that sometimes unintentionally because incredibly entertaining and Enforcer: PCA is no exception. And to be fair, the team that worked on this game was a rather small one with limited resources so I cut them a lot of slack because of this, but all in all, you know what? I had fun with Enforcer: PCA, for a while at least.


ss 94ad16aef92f7f93b8959188f1fb8ec1d731febe.1920x1080

As you start up you are set with the choice between a male or a female protagonist, as soon as the choice has been made you get a nifty cut-scene which sets up why you are here, and here it is, your father was a cop and this is why you decided to become a cop yourself, and that is basically all you need to know. The story isn’t important at all but it is nice to see them put something like that in.

When you get to control your character you are outside your house, when you enter your house you have the option to check your emails, go to bed or change clothes, meaning you go off or on duty. If you want to drive the cop car and arrest bad guys you need to be on duty, if you want to play the social aspect of the game you go off duty, simple.


ss 488c3a81eaba8f90bb3ed180e00aaa5583dfd8fe.1920x1080

When you are off duty you can hang out with your friends, go out to dinner and explore the map as much as you like, but as soon as you change into your police uniform you can really get into the action which is mainly missions you get on screen and you are free to try and do these missions or just ignore them and find your own. You can put up road blocks and check to see if the random drivers are up to no good or behaving themselves, or you could stop random people in the street and see if you cant find something illegal, or maybe you just want to cruise around and wait for the inevitable drunken driver swerving around the road and flash the lights and pull them over, you are free to do whatever you want. When you finish a mission you get rewarded with cash and experience, and if you do a good enough job you will start ranking up until you hit chief of police.


ss b204bedafca75dcc6259628f492804f09b71b2ad.1920x1080

I would say that Enforcer: PCA is a game that a certain type of gamer would enjoy, and you need to go look for your own entertainment at times. It also seems like a great game people would do Let's Play videos of, or stream online, it is that kind of fun. Playing this solo with none around to enjoy the random happenings might get tedious and repetitive after awhile, as with me I can still hear the sound of the wheels of the car rolling over gravel while writing this review for some reason. It is difficult to review Enforcer: PCA as anything else than an enjoyable experience in short bursts, and it all depends on how you approach it.

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