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Review - RYSE: Son of Rome PC

Created on Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I got to play around with the beta version of the PC release of RYSE a while back and I was highly awaitng for the complete release just because of how well the early game felt. And now that I have had the release for a while I am eager to share my opinion on a game that didnt get all that much positive criticism when it first released on the Xbox One, so how does the game run on a PC? And will it melt your computer? The answer is good and YES! Yes it will.




First things first, I already adressed a lot of the game in our preview earlier and you can go check that out if you want the scoop on the game as this will mostly be a review on the complete product and what feels better or worse than the preview build.


Crytek Ryse Son of Rome Oswald Screenshot

First of all, if you are into graphics and want to test your computer on something graphical, then Ryse: Son of Rome should be your new benchmark game of choice. I am sure that I could have fried food inside my computer once I tried to max everything out after a while. But you dont need a monster to enjoy the game, but it is preferred to atleast have something powerful in there to get the overall feel of this incredible visually stunning game that is RYSE, because it is one of the most beautiful things you will experience, atleast it was for me.



The main problem with the gameplay aspects of RYSE is the combat and how repetitive people felt it was, this doesnt change in the PC release, you enter a scenario, multiple enemies attack you, you take out the once that dont require any kind of counter attacks first, then you focus on the once that do require counter attacks, push the correct buttons and voila, the first wave of enemy hoard is out and you get ready for wave two. This doesnt happen all the time to be fair but a large amount of combat usually goes like this, atleast that is what it felt like to me. But this was also one of the main concerns with the game when it originally released last year on the Xbox One.


image ryse sons of rome-22276-2061 0004

“RYSE is about the visuals man!” said many to maybe justify their purchase or they are just that into graphics in a game, to me personally gameplay always comes before graphics and I think it does so for a lot of gamers just take Minecraft for example and end of discussion right there.



RYSE also comes equipped with a multiplayer mode which gives you the abitlity for co-op or just regular multiplayer, I found it difficult to team up with anyone but that might have just been me and my luck, I am not sure. However, instead of XP that you get from single-player the mutliplayer mode gives you the ability to earn gold which you then can spend on upgrades which is a nice little diversion from single-player. All in all the multiplayer was not the selling point for me.



RYSE isn't a long game, however 6-8 hours of main story felt like the correct amount of hours for it not to get to repetive and feel like a entertaining experience all together. If it was longer I fear it would have become a more tideous experience. But the game looks absolutely beautiful, so if graphics in a game is your thing then this is your new benchmark game without a doubt. The combat, eventhough it gets reptitive at times, is satisifying enough to keep you hooked, and the sound effects, voiceacting and music all blend in perfectly to add the overall feel of the time period RYSE is set within. Overall it is a good action game that looks absolutely amazing.  

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