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Preview - Ryse: Son of Rome PC

Created on Monday, 22 September 2014


I was lucky enough to get a preview build of the upcoming PC version of Ryse that is slighted for release. The former Xbox One exclusive will be available to PC gamers with 4K resolution support and the high quality graphics not only takes it toll on your computer but also your eyes as the game looks absolutely stunning on the computer but how does the game control with a mouse and keyboard?



Crytek Ryse Son of Rome Dover Screenshot 01


I remember when I first heard about Ryse, back when it was a Kinect game, I thought it looked incredible appealing but the Kinect features kind of turn me off the idea, so when I found out they ditched the Kinect controls for standard controller support instead I was excited. Many shared my view but many of us also was sadden that it was Xbox One exclusive, especially in Europe where we haven’t had a Xbox One launch until recently. Ryse was a game I wanted to play but sadly was not able to so when I found out it would release on PC I was all over the preview build they sent us.


Crytek Ryse Son of Rome Dover Screenshot 02


The preview build we got included two missions, Level One, The Beginning which basically is the tutorial of how you control your character but also how you control your army, and the second mission was Level Four, The King which puts you into the action where you need to use everything you learned from the first mission to succeed. This mission also includes Tier 2 upgrades which is more health basically.


Crytek Ryse Son of Rome Forum Screenshot


First things first, the controls are setup as follows, left mouse button is your main attack, left mouse button is the push and the middle mouse button is where you choose your execution rewards and look at set objects and scenes within the game. You control your character with the WASD, command your troop with R, execute/interact and revive with E, roll and evade with Shift, Focus with Q, Sprint with F, deflect with Space-bar and use ranged weapons with Ctrl. It all works when overall but there are points in the game where I wished for a controller instead of the mouse and keyboard, this might be a personal preference but even though I played through the two missions multiple times there was always a few instances where the camera fought against me.


Crytek Ryse Son of Rome Oswald Screenshot


The graphics as proclaimed earlier in the preview are truly amazing, if you have a powerful enough computer to blast the graphics all the way up you will see why PC is still the superior gaming machine to consoles when it comes to graphics, it is one of the most beautiful games I have ever experience. The cut-scenes and the characters in the cut-scenes are well put together, the facial expressions mixed with great voice acting makes every bit stand out. The cut-scenes builds upon the story of the game and it is difficult to not feel for every character in the game. I didn’t play the Xbox One version of the game so for me to experience these two missions left me with wanting more, I wanted the rest of the story and is excited to see how it unfolds.


Crytek Ryse Son of Rome Rome Screenshot


The preview build gave me just enough context to get a feel for the game and from what I got to play, even though it was two missions that I replayed numerous times, it set the tone for what is now one of my most anticipated PC releases this year. The full PC game will be available October 10th and will come with all 4 DLC Packs (The Colosseum Pack, The Mars Chosen Pack, The Duel of Fates Pack and the Morituri Pack), Cooperative gladiatorial combat in the Colosseum, Colosseum Mode with 25 multiplayer maps and customization options for your gladiator with new armour, weapons, shields and consumables.

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