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Review - Civilization V: Brave New World

Created on Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Civilization V is still adding features to its already incredible deep and huge game, this time it comes in the form of another add-on which is called a Brave New World, and me as a huge follower and fanatic of the series since it first released way back when, was eager to spend yet another 20+ hours in the world of Civilization V, but can more become too much?



I have personally loved the Civ series since the first game released, and since then I have always been eager to see how the game looks and check out the new additions to the game when a new game in the series released. The only problem I have personally with Civ games is that they take too much of the time I don’t already have.
You see when you review games, the worst thing to review is two different kind of games, one is mmorpg games and the other are games like Civilization, turn-based strategy games. This is not because they are horrible games or that it is boring reviewing them, it is simply because they are all time consumers, hard time consumers, and I still remember when I spent 13 hours in one match when Civilization V first came out, I had destroyed every other nationality only to get ran over by Gandhi and loose the game, killed by Gandhi, now there's a headline for you right there, be aware, Gandhi is NOT to be messed with in Civ.

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This time around I also got the enjoyment of having a friend play with me online, so that I could test the multiplayer aspect of the game, but this aspect REALLY eats at your time, and the match we started a few weeks ago is currently still going strong, and if that sounds boring to any of you let me make one thing clear, there is nothing boring about Civilization to me. Spending 20+ hours with this game is 20+ hours of pure entertainment just so you know where I stand.

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With A Brave New World the game sees some changes and some new additions, some of the new additions are new civilisations, such as Venice which basically gives the player only one city, meaning you cant develop settlers to expand your land but you are stuck with the first city you settle, this is a great way for those of you that want a challenge and it actually gives the game an entirely new spin and is a great addition.

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Another great addition is how voting against or for your fellow civilisations can make such a huge improvement or destroy someone economy just by simply voting against or for something in the Congress. You can have it all and be the wealthiest man in all the land and with a simple vote for your fellow civs you can loose it all and be back to scratch simply by you exploiting something that makes you a lot of money just got illegal and you need to wrap your brain around what to do, do you try and bribe your way back to excellence, fight your way back, or simply just try another strategy, and this is why Civilization games only gets better and better each time I play them. I tend to learn at least one new thing every time I play a game of Civilization and Civilization V A Brave New World is no different.


Giving me a game like Civilization V to review is bound to be a slow review, not only because the game eats so much of your time every time you play a round but because I get totally lost in the world and every time I play a game I try a new tactic. And when you give me a expansion/add-on you just gave me anther 20+ hours of game I need to go through before I can write anything. But I feel it is been played enough to write all of this now but the difficulty is within the score I am going to give it, simply because I am such a fan-boy of the games I want to give it a perfect score, because this is my perfect game, with more additions to it and more things for me to explore is something I already love so much as I do with Civ V, this is a perfect game for me.

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