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Review - Civilization VI


For nearly 30 years Civilization has plagued our gaming world, people have lost time, sleep and not to mention been frustrated, yet in love with a game so simple yet so incredible deep and time demanding it is sometimes hard to see how this game can be sold at a regular price and not a yearly amount. I have always felt somewhat guilty when asked how much time I have spent with a certain Civilization game, and I usually lie and tell them half of the time I have spent and they still think it is way too much, if they only knew... So you might have already guessed that I love this franchise, and have for a very long time so it was with fear and joy that I took it upon myself, in the most busy time of the year (Christmas) to review Civilization VI...

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Review - Hand of Fate

zHandOfFate PS4Game P6 EN

You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away and know when to run. Never has lyrics had greater meaning than this time around as we play with cards and life in the latest independent game released from Defiant Development called Hand of Fate

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Preview - Besiege


Besiege is an interesting diamond in the dirt at the moment, and we want you to go try it, and if you need convincing you should keep reading this preview. But you should check out Besiege, seriously.

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Review - Civilization Beyond Earth

2kgmkt civ be ag fob esrb.0 cinema 640.0

Civilization: Beyond Earth can easily be labelled as a successor to Civ V and Alpha Centauri at first glance, however if you dig deeper you will quickly realize that it is more Civ V re-skinned than anything else.

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Review - Enforcer: Police Crime Action

cropped-enforcer logo blog

Bad boys, bad boys what you gonna do? What you gonna do when you are tasked with reviewing a Cop Simulation game? Go head first with a clear and incredible open mind and hope for the best.

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Review - RYSE: Son of Rome PC


I got to play around with the beta version of the PC release of RYSE a while back and I was highly awaitng for the complete release just because of how well the early game felt. And now that I have had the release for a while I am eager to share my opinion on a game that didnt get all that much positive criticism when it first released on the Xbox One, so how does the game run on a PC? And will it melt your computer? The answer is good and YES! Yes it will.

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Review - Wasteland 2


You may not know about the Wasteland series, and nobody will judge you if you don’t, but you may know of another similar game named Fallout. You see Wasteland 1 has been seen and praised as the inspiration for the Fallout series, and since I was the only one on the team who had ever played the first game it made sense that I checked out the second game in the series, mind you the first game released back in 1988 which automatically raises a question and proves a fact right off the bat, that a lot has changed in the gaming industry since then, and can a game with such a long span be relevant in todays fast evolving market and yes, I am old.

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Review - Pixel Poetry


I remember a time when gaming was seen as a pastime activity that kids did, parents didn’t understand it and nobody could play games, write about games or even make games and make good money off it, or so I was told. But here we are, 2014 and not only is gaming one of the biggest entertainment markets ever it is also a time where the triple A games get less exposure while the indie games are slowly but surely taking over. And with money in any kind of business there are bound to be documentaries coming out that addresses the subject, and there is nothing I enjoy more when I watch a documentary then when it is about my favourite activity, gaming. Pixel Poetry is one of the newest ones I have watched and I am here to tell you all about it

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Preview - Ryse: Son of Rome PC


I was lucky enough to get a preview build of the upcoming PC version of Ryse that is slighted for release. The former Xbox One exclusive will be available to PC gamers with 4K resolution support and the high quality graphics not only takes it toll on your computer but also your eyes as the game looks absolutely stunning on the computer but how does the game control with a mouse and keyboard?

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Review - The Sims 4


The Sims 4 isn't a brand new game in the sense of it reinventing the series, it is still very much a Sims game with minor tweaks here and there. They have removed some things and added some other things, they have improved things which very much needed that improvement and to be quite honest about it, they have taken most things that got criticized in the previous game and not only changed it but changed it for the better. The Sims 4 is in my eyes the perfect Sims game, whatever that may or may not mean to you.

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Preview - The Crew


The Crew is a few months away from release I got a beta key to play around so imagine this, what if you combined Burnout Paradise with Test Drive Unlimited ?  

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Review - Sacred 3


Sacred 3 isn't what you expect if you only played Sacred 1 and 2, the game has a new publisher behind it and a new developer behind it also, now this might be a good thing if you hated the previous games but since you are here checking out the review I would say that you most likely was interested in the previous games and want to know how this third instalment measures up to its previous games, well if you liked Sacred Citadel you might get a kick out of this however if you hated it and liked the previous games then you are in for a surprise, and not a good one.

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Review - Risen 3 Titan Lords


Risen 3 Titan Lords is a mixed bag and depending on what you expect from the game is the answer to how well this game is going to sit with you. If you played the previous Risen games you might know what is coming however if this is your first Risen game then this might also be your last

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Preview - The Forest


I was doing fine, had my hut built up, got some tasty rabbits cooking on the fire and was about to go to bed for the night when they arrived and all hell broke loose, welcome to The Forest.

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Review - Age of Mythology Extended Edition


We get to take a trip down memory-lane with the release of Age of Mythology Extended Edition. Me personally I am so glad I didn’t have any form of ability to record the amount of hours I put down on this game when it first released back in the day so for me to get to review this release I felt my inner child kick-stepping in his Hammerpants of joy

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Review - Nether

nether header-598x271

In the last couple of years the survival apocalyptic games have really made a name for themselves, with names like DayZ and Rust at the forefront there have been numerous attempts to gain as much publicity as those two have managed to get but it seems as though there really haven't been a king crowned in the genre yet but another contender is on the horizon and it is called Nether

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Review - The Elder Scrolls Online


It is finally here, the Elder Scrolls Online has launched after years and years of development and I might be the biggest Elder Scrolls fanatic on the TGP team so there was little to no question about who was going to take on this huge task of not only reviewing a Elder Scrolls game, which in itself is a huge task, but a MMO Elder Scrolls game. Is it the best of both worlds or just too much?

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Review - Diablo III Reaper of Souls


The first expansion for the critically acclaimed latest addition to the already well-known Diablo series, Diablo 3's Reaper of Souls has been unleashed upon us and you are in charge of once again saving the world and delving deep, deep underground. Get ready for a lot of clicking, a lot of monster killing and an overload of loot, delicious, precious loot.

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Review - Journal


In todays gaming industry you can broaden the spectre of what a game is and should be. With the blossom of indie developers around the world, and people realizing that you do not need a huge company behind you to get your dream game released, some might argue that we are currently drowning in game releases, and we are to be fair, but there is also a lot of good games that get washed away in this flood without getting to reach its specific audience. Journal, in my mind, is one of these games, charming and atmospheric but needs a certain audience to really shine.

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Review - Girls Like Robots


Some games unfortunately just pass by gamers simply because they do not get enough publicity or the fact that it is not a triple A budget title and therefore gets lost in the swarm of game releases. One of these diamonds in the dirt is a simple, yet incredible addictive puzzle game named Girls Like Robots.

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