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Review - PolyNoid


Easy to play difficult to master, that should be the tag-line for PolyNoid, a new minimalist retro-futuristic arcade puzzle for your iPhone released today 25th Feb 2015

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Review - The Silent Age

shhh-the-silent-age-is-coming-to-android-in -higi 0

Silent Age is a game of my favourite genre of all time, ever since I discovered Monkey Island back in the day Point and Click Adventure games have always kept a special place in my heart. Since this is a genre that I have played a lot of different games within also means that I am somewhat critical to new releases of this kind, however I am happy to report that Silent Age does a great job to adress why this is one of the most slept-on genre within the gaming industry to date but it really shouldnt be.

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Review - qub


We here at TGP always start out our indie game reviews/previews the same way, we shine light on the fact that so many games are released every year flies right under the radar of most gamers simply because of either lack of publishing or the fact that a lot of these diamonds in the dirt are made up by a small team of developers that simply do not have the stage to adress a huge audience or the money to their word across. But if we can get atleast one more “triple A gamer” to try out one of the indie games we show off from time to time we always feel a lot better.

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