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Review - Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

Created on Wednesday, 29 October 2014


When Borderlands the Pre-Sequel was first released I thought it was a new expansion to Borderlands 2, and it is somewhat that depending on what you expect from a new standalone Borderlands game. I was hoping for some changes but the overall feel and look of the game to stay the same and I was pleased in some ways but also a little disappointed in some other ways, it is complicated so enjoy reading me trying to express my feelings on the new Borderlands game Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.



Borderlands The Pre-Sequel box art

When Borderlands first shipped I played nothing else, sure it came with a bunch of glitches and repetitive missions but the loot alone and the fact that there wasn’t really a number to the different weapons you could find made this game the most exciting thing ever to hit the shooter genre in a long, long time, now if you add RPG elements into this mix it was bound to be on many gamers game of the year lists. Then Borderlands 2 released and with all the hype surrounding it I felt like it was more of the same, still played it a whole lot but not to the extent of the first game. Now here we are, a new Borderlands game and I cant help but to feel there is something missing.


bl prsql10581014 ss 03

That’s right, you are set on the moon for this release and if you do not choose Claptrap as your character, yes you can play as the “lovable” all-knowing, wise-ass robot known throughout the Borderlands universe by now, you need air to live, amazing right? Yes they have seen it fit to add a bar that constantly drains whenever your character is outside on the moon. Now the air isn’t really a problem all the time as you are usually loaded with air tanks, but there was occasions where I wanted to explore more of the environment but felt the need to go search for tanks instead and almost every time I ended up forgetting to explore the place I was supposed to in the first place.


bl prsql10581026 ss 04

And that right there is the biggest gripe I have with more Borderlands, they seem to have added a new thing that made me almost certain I will not head back into this game or even talk about this game anymore after finishing this review, and that actually makes me kind of sad. I loved the series, I still do, there is so much to enjoy in every Borderlands game, but this one just wasn't hitting with me. Now before you start writing off Borderlands the Pre-Sequel you need to know that the air tank system really isn’t all negative, you see the air tanks can be modded to be used almost like a second skill, by updating them to give you different boosts whenever you equip them makes them not totally unnecessary. I just personally didn't enjoy this part of the new system, but it is more of a personal preference than anything so you might end up loving it and I really hope you do to be honest.


bl prsql10581028 ss 05

In the Pre-Sequel there are four new character classes to pick and choose from, as mentioned earlier you can play as ClapTrap this time around, but if you had your fix of Claptrap throughout your Borderlands sessions there is Athena the Gladiator, Wilhelm, Nisha the Lawbringer and the CL4P-TP, all previous characters that made an appearance in one of the previous Borderlands releases.


bl prsql10581075 ss 02

Athenas skill is her shield which can reflect enemy attacks and also double up as a weapon, Wilhelm has two robots at his side which can both help with healing and also attacking enemies, Nisha has the ability to increase damage and accuracy for a period of time and Claptrap pulls out a roulette wheel which spins and reveals your skill at random which is always a treat in itself.


bl prsql10581068 ss 01

When I wrote missing earlier in the review, I do not mean they have taken something out of the game and I miss it being in there I just feel like they didn’t add enough new stuff for me to find a real excuse to push another Borderlands game on anyone else but true fans of the series. Those of you that played Borderlands 2 numerous hours and was eager for more once you finished, you are in for a treat, because this is more Borderlands for you. I also found more and more people using this phrase when someone asked them about a new Borderlands game, “how is it?” and to this people usually answered with “well... it's Borderlands” and those words alone pretty much describes the Pre-Sequel too, although you are on the moon. However, for fans of the series or even newcomers, this is, as with any Borderlands release, a must have.  

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