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Review - South Park The Stick of Truth

Created on Tuesday, 04 March 2014


South Park came onto the scene like a nuclear bomb, it was an instant hit. From the humble animated shorts from two people Matt Stone and Trey Parker to the blockbuster movies, numerous seasons and a batch of video games, but with the release of Stick of Truth I can honestly say that in my mind South Park has finally made it into the video games industry with this gem of a game.



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First and foremost if you are a South Park fan you need to own this game, if you are not a South Park fan chances are this game will not change your mind because the game is packed with fan service and nods to older episodes and incidents that South Park fans will make sense of while none South Park viewers will not be sold on at all.


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The game is called The Stick of Truth because of the main goal in the game is to defend the stick of truth which is literally just a stick that the boys protect with their lives. The kids of South Park have all formed bonds to either Elf’s or Humans and there has been word of your arrival for a while because you start the game as the new kid that just moved to South Park. So your first mission is to go outside and get friends.


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You get friends by either talking to people or doing random quests for them, and once they agree to becoming your friend you will add them to your FaceBook, yes a literal facebook is displayed where it shows your picture, sex, age, relationship status etc. But adding friends to your friends list on facebook is more serious than in real life simply because adding a certain amount of friends will give you the ability to unlock perks for your character.


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You get to choose from four different classes as the game introduces your character to the Wizard (Cartman of course), and the classes are Warrior, Mage, Thief and Jew... Of course you automatically reach for the one that stands out the most, at least that is what I did as I felt it would have more humour attached and put some more strain on your relationship with Cartman. Every class gets special abilities that you can unlock by levelling up.


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You level up by going out and doing the main mission, side quests or random fights that you encounter just like you would in a JRPG. Because The Stick of Truth is a blatant rip-off of a JRPG, everything from the combat to the ability to later in the game summon creatures, or in this case characters from the show.


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The combat is turn based, which means you or your opponent get to choose one attack move and one use of a potion of choice before the turn goes to either your party member, which changes depending on what mission you are playing, or your opponent causing you to use strategy every time as you would in a normal JRPG.


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The thing with JRPGs is that almost everything about them have never been able to capture my attention, I didn't like the combat system and I didn’t like having to control my party members and having to look after them as well, but South Park The Stick of Truth managed to keep it interesting. Even though you get randomly attacked throughout the game by your enemies on the street the combat never seemed to become either repetitive or boring, actually in most cases I instigated the fight.


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The game looks absolutely amazing, and by that I mean the game looks like you are literally watching the TV Show. The developers have done a terrific job of bottling the essence of the weird town known as South Park and throughout my play through of the story I didn't run into one glitch, not one bug, nothing, the game ran smooth from start to finish.




Also I got to play around with the EU version of the game and as everyone knows by now it was censored which I really do not understand when you take in consideration everything else I encountered in the game that wasn’t censored. I mean at one point I was having an epic fight underneath my characters parents having sex and having to, during battle, dodge the characters dad's flying ball-sack as a quick time event. But the censored image that is replaced with the scene also comes with a rather amusing article which, in extreme details, explains what you would have seen if the scenes wasn’t censored because South Park usually gets away with something either way.




The amount of loot and items thrown around in the game is simply amazing, as you quickly realize that you really do not need to go look for money as you can sell all your junk, items, potions, weapons etc. at certain vendors spread across the map. And you can also attach patches or stickers to your weapons to make them more powerful like putting a fire-spell on a hammer, or add a lightning attack on every perfect hit, or maybe put some extra health stickers on your armour it is all up to you how you want to customize both your character and your items.




The amount of stuff to explore, places to visit, characters to find and unlock, items to loot, laughs to be had and weird insanity you come to expect from a South Park product is all in here. I actually replayed half of the game twice to be honest but the reason as to why would be a spoiler so I will just leave it at that. I could write up page after page about why this game is so awesome but it is best to end the review like it started, South Park The Stick of Truth is for fans of South Park and if you are fan of South Park you will love this game guaranteed. 

"It is not a 10/10 game because it is not a real RPG"

-angry hardcore gamer 

Dear Angry Hardcore Gamer,

it is a 10 out of 10 game because it is entertaining and everything a fan of the series would ever want and more.  

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