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Review - Pac-Man Museum

Created on Tuesday, 04 March 2014

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Everybody loves Pac-Man, at least there was a time where everybody did but maybe not so much any more. But that is all about to change, because Pac-Man is once again being put into the spotlight with the release of Pac-Man Museum, a collection of Pac-Man games. So the question is, do we really need a collection of Pac-Man games? The short answer is yes, the long answer as to why is in this review of Pac-Man Museum.




Pac-Man Museum comes equipped with the following games, the original Pac-man, Pac-Man championship edition is the neon coloured revamped version,Pac-Man arrangement is the 3D version, Pac-Man battle royale is the multiplayer version and the party mode,Pac-Attack is the tetris mode, Super Pac-Man is where you collect keys to unlock pellets, Pac-Land is the platformer, Pac & Pal is the version with the cards where you flip up to 3 cards to unlock fruits and clear everything on the table, Pac-Mania is the version with the ability to jump
downloadable content gives you Ms. Pac-Man for free so remember to check it out on the main menu. So right off the bat you see just how much content is in this collection and there is enough entertainment here to suit any kind of Pac-Man fan out there.




Apart from the games there are also leaderboards which gives you a reason to keep grinding your score because some of these people on there will put your score to shame. Also there are a lot of different achievements to unlock and they usually needs you to collect all stamps, 10 hour of playtime, collect trinkets, figures, pals, play 9 different games and unlock pac, cylindria and spiral.





Then there is the Stampbook which is just that, a book with collection of stamps you unlock, then there is the PacRoom where you can chill out and look at all your unlockable items and last but not least there is the Item List where you can check out everything you unlocked divided into categories like medals, pals, furniture, trinkets, figures, toys etc. A How To Play is available at the main menu but is also an option in the menu for all the different games


PacManMuseum 1


Pac-Man Museum lives up to the name, you get all the Pac-Man you could ever dream of all in one game, and except for the Pac-Land, which I personally never liked but that is a personal preference, there is enough different versions of the original here to keep both fans and newcomers entertained and challenged for hours on end.





Add on the online leaderboards and you have enough reasons to dust off your Pac-Man skills and try to fight your way to the top of the leaderboards and let your initials grant you the privileges there is to be a skilled Pac-Man player. All games have different options, like championship mode lets you choose different modes, also every game gives you different options like the option to choose lives, difficulty, speed, continues, round selection, bonus lives, time out etc.




Pac-Man Museum is a great game for fans but it is also a nice way to introduce new-comers to the idea that was and still is Pac-Man. It is a nice way to take a break from all those deep and intricate storylines and triple A budget titles and just kick back and relax with something that once was the poster-boy for video games, and something that also brings the true meaning of gaming back to life, challenge and entertainment.

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