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Review - Call of Duty Ghosts

Created on Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Call of Duty, a name that brings out either rage or love in every shooter game fan. It is the most selling shooter game and it is also one of the shooter games that brings out the most vocal fans and haters of the series for some reason. I do not hate, I participate. And I am here to tell you why you should or shouldn't pick up the latest Call of Duty game, COD: Ghosts.



As with the previous shooter game review I mentioned this game, so I need to mention Battlefield in this review too so that it is all fair. Because let's be honest, there is two main games on the market that is competing for the top spot of the shooter genre, and it is COD and Battlefield and it has been for a long time. But the thing is that even though they bring out the most emotion among some gamers they are actually pretty far from each other.


But once again the same question arises, do you play shooter games for the story or the multiplayer?


Because if you do play shooters for the story I need to once this week point out that the story in this particular shooter is not worth it. It is a bromance, father, son, brother, family kind of deal where you basically see the ending before the game has really begun. But then again, you shouldn't bother with the story but you should bother with what the game gets most flack for, and is also the main reason this is the number one shooter out there, the multiplayer aspect of the game.


Ghosts is so similar to the last COD release that it is hard to not notice the similarities in almost everything I tried out, from the maps, to the textures, to the handling of the weapons, but it also seems slightly tweaked and twisted in some weird way. The game continues to sell buckets and buckets of games but with this latest release though I can't help but to foresee a downwards spiral for the series if they keep this up at this rate. Sure it will sell a lot this year too but if the next release in the series doesn't do more to improve and change the current status of the game I actually think it might be the start of the end of COD as king of the multiplayer shooter genre.

COD-Ghosts Maniac-Blindside

The first thing I notice is the size of the maps, as almost everyone of them felt a lot bigger and more open than previous maps in the series. This might just be since I recently reviewed another well known shooter but I cant remember COD being this open and large-scaled as it is. Now don’t get me wrong, but I always thought of COD as a faster shooter than lets say a Battlefield for example, it was more running and gunning, but with this release, even though you can still do that I felt that snipers really were the winners here with these maps, but it might just be because nobody really masters the maps yet, well I don’t at least, everyone else seems to be doing just fine as always.


But it is hard to review a shooter of this calibre, because as mentioned earlier, it feels and looks so similar to the last one, and yet it seems different enough to be a standalone game. Although to be perfectly honest I feel the multiplayer plays more like a map add-on than anything else. But the weird thing, and here is the real twist of the review, spoiler alert, I love it. I love COD Ghosts, and I love it even though I suck at it, I get ran over all the time in multiplayer, people hate having me on their team because I am usually last or second to last, but I still love it. What I really like is the squad mode which lets me play with my wife alone, with bots, that we can set the difficulty level for so that we actually have a chance at winning. And everything is unlocked so we don’t need to stress that XP to get the latest unlocks, and that is why I love playing COD Ghosts, because to me, even though it is dumb, it is so much fun when played right that I cant even hate on the series and I never could to be honest. Call me a fanboy, because I know I am not and I love its competition too but this is just another COD game, and I love it.

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