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Review - Battlefield 4

Created on Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Battlefield 4 is one of the two biggest shooter franchises that you either love or you hate. The weird thing with this game and the other game that we also review is that even though the concept of them are both similar they are two completely different games both fighting for the top spot as the number one shooter on the market. But for me personally, I like both of them and I mention both of them in each of the reviews I do just to try and differentiate the two from each other making it easier for you to decide which one you want to pick up, first up its Battlefield 4



The biggest question that needs to be asked and answered before you play the game is what is more important to you, the multiplayer aspect of the game or do you play Battlefield for the story. In most cases the answer to that question is that you get Battlefield for the multiplayer, to play with your friends, but a small amount of you out there do get Battlefield for the story and for those of you that do that I would just like to acknowledge one thing, the story for Battlefield is not the greatest out there and you will probably know how it all pans out halfway through it. That isn't saying it is trash because it certainly isn't, I looks good and it has some impressive action sequences but all in all it is easy to see that the single player aspect of the game is not the main focus.


The single-player mode seems like it is in there as a tech demo more than anything. A tutorial for the multiplayer if you will. Yes there is a story to follow and plot twists along the way but it isn’t the brain of the operation at all. But it do look amazing, and nobody can argue that Battlefield 4 is one of the most incredible looking shooter games ever released, well some might argue it for the sake of arguing but in reality the game looks absolutely amazing.


But let us not dwell any more and let us focus on the brain of the operation. The main focus for Battlefield 4 is the multiplayer, the online part of the game as has become for most games nowadays. I wonder if Single-player will be more and more a second feature in most games as we move forward, I hope not but it may seem like this is the future for shooter games. The multiplayer mode is the reason why most of you want this game in all honesty and rightfully so.


Battlefield's multiplayer is more strategic than its competitors, and it also packs a huge amount of players at the same time spanning over different huge open maps. With the different vehicles and destructible environments you quickly realize that if you want to play Battlefield 4's multiplayer and you want to be good at it you need to think strategic and most importantly you need to play as a team. If you run out on your own thinking you got this, you will most likely die over and over again and again until you rage quit and you go back to the competitor game. But if you realize what it takes to master this game then you know why so many of you hold this franchise higher than any other shooter on the market. It is basically a another way to play a shooter.


Yes I know, even though the main focus for Battlefield 4's multiplayer is huge open wastelands and teamwork there is also smaller maps that gives you the ability to take things more into your own hands but there is still that overlaying sense of needing someone to watch your back at all times. And for those of you that are interested in the game modes I am pleased to say that all the previous modes are back and three new modes are introduced to the team.


There is enough entertainment in here to keep older players satisfied and also enough to get newcomers to the series hooked early on. Even though the game can seem overwhelming at first it is like with most shooter, easier once you get the hang of the controls. And once you hit that point within the game where everything just clicks you are most definitely hooked to the series. However it all boils down to what kind of shooter game fan you are, because even though you can play the game without the help of anyone it is preferred that you play as a team with your team. Battlefield 4 is more of the same with improvements on everything that wasn't completely up to par in the last release so if you liked Battlefield 3 you are going to be able to jump right into Battlefield 4 and pick up where you left.

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