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Review - WWE 2K14

Created on Wednesday, 13 November 2013


The WWE franchise is no laughing matter, and since its humble beginning it has become one of the biggest selling sports entertainment franchises of all time, selling out PPV's left and right, making movies, music and yes, video games. I have followed the WWE game series since its beginning and I have also noticed how they have slowly gone from a inventive game series to a repetitive one with the last release being the strongest in a line-up of lacklustre games lately. But I never give up on the franchise and was eager and hopeful once again to see if WWE 2K14 could give me some of what made me such a fan of this series a long time ago.



When THQ died, one of the first things I was thinking was, who would take the WWE licence and run with it now? There was no question that WWE would keep pumping out yearly game releases the only question was who could take the ball and run with it. And all questions was answered when 2K Sports picked up the ball. But Yuke's needed to run the ship as of now simply because a yearly franchise isn't something you just pick up and start working on, and here we are, WWE 2K14 is now a thing and with a new studio behind the wheels I was eager to see what would change and what would stay and most importantly of all, what would be new this year.


Last year was the Attitude Era, my biggest gripe with the game back then was that even though you could make your own superstar there wasn't really anything to do with this superstar once it was created. I remember the thing about creating your own superstar was that you could use the superstar and take a “from rags to riches” road with them, one year it was the ultimate prize with the Heavy Weight Championship Belt as the carrot on the stick, and one year they introduced the Road to WrestleMania mode which gave you the option to either choose an existing story line with an existing Superstar or use your own created Superstar and make him go to WrestleMania. And this is why I loved these games so much. But I haven't seen that mode in far too long so I was hopeful they would bring it back this year, but sadly it is still m.i.a.

ultimatewarriorwwe2k14 616

The creation and customization options in the WWE games have always been the strong point of the series, ever since the early days of the game. The amount of tweaks you can pull off in this mode is incredible and you can make almost any kind of Superstar you would want to, making someone that looks like someone else’s Superstar is almost impossible. But the rehashing of the tattoos and logos (you can always create your own though) could have been improved somewhat but still, the Character Customization is amazing none the less. Beside creating your own character you have the return of the create a arena, championship, diva, storyline and universe. Creating your own Storyline though is still a bit complicated and clumsy at times, the amount of stuff to put in there is great but using a controller to do this is tedious work for those of you that have that time to spend it is a nice time waster and you can upload it to WWE 2K14's servers.


This year there isn't a Road to WrestleMania but there is a 30 Years of WrestleMania mode, which is the main campaign of this years release. In this mode you take control of different Superstars from the beginning of the WrestleMania and you get to play as memorable characters such as Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and all the way to more known Wrestlers to the younger audience, Superstars such as The Undertaker and CM Punk. This mode is educational for those that really haven't followed the sport for too long, but for long time wrestling fans since the 80s, like my self, we have seen all this before and being able to play them for ourself is always a nice gesture, but for the younger fans this might be a problem seeing as they might not even know half the wrestlers that you get to play, even though they should.


The first thing I noticed was that Triple H didn't look like “Caveman skin 002” but actually did look a lot like the actual person, as was with every other wrestler too looking a lot like the actual thing. This helps a lot when I remember playing last years release and I heard JR commented something in the lines of “Thats... Thats Triple H!!” and the camera panned over to him walking down the ramp and I remember saying out loud “That's Triple H? Really??” because some of the characters in that game looked absolutely terrible. Also there are times in the game where there is filters present in the presentation to make it feel like you are watching the match on an old TV which gradually gets more and more crisp as you move through the years. So it is nice to see that they have put more work into the look of the game.

wwe-2k14-wm24-orton-cena-triple-h 1600.0 cinema 640.0

But a WWE game is more than just graphics, the main thing is how the characters control in the game and it has also been one of the consisting gripes with the game, the way the characters have felt stiff and robotic in previous releases, it seems as though the game is more fluid now and a lot of work has been put into making the characters transfer into each move more fluid which is great. Another thing that I do not know why have been implemented, is the reversal ability. With almost every move there is an option to try and reverse that move to your favour, and it is kind of like a quick time even where you must press a certain button at the exact correct time, but in this release the amount of time you get to do this is somewhat like half a second, it is almost impossible to do.


Speaking of impossible to do... Another new mode that is introduces in this years release is The Streak mode, where you get to not only play as The Undertaker to defend his incredible “streak” at WrestleMania (being undefeated in every WrestleMania match he has participated in) but you can also choose to play for the other side, trying to destroy the streak. However, even though the streak seems like an impossible thing to beat on TV you do not even have to try it out for very long in the game to realize that it is an almost impossible task to preform. For those of you that have played a previous WWE game you know that when the AI is cheap it is so cheap you want to throw controllers out the window, it is the game that I get the most frustrated playing at times, and it is also almost the only one that can make me rage quit at times.


Even though the game makes me rage quit still to this day only goes to show how much I love this franchise since I keep coming back for more. There is a lot of things that really annoy me with the games but there is more things that I enjoy with it and this is why I always check out each and every WWE release and have been since its beginning. Only thing I really need them to bring back is the option to use your own created Superstar in a storyline, besides that they can keep pumping out yearly releases and I will be all over them each time. If you are a WWE fan then you would want this game if not for the endless amount of different matches and options to play around with then get it for the 30 Years of WrestleMania mode and relive some of the most classic matches of all time.

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