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Review - South Park: The Fracture But Whole

Created on Saturday, 04 November 2017


Everybody know the story of South Park by now and if you don't then you should really look it up as it is an amazing story of two people who took a holiday greeting video, with paper-cut stop motion video and made it into one of the most, if not the most, important cartoon experiences since the introduction of Mickey Mouse... Yeah I said it. The Stick of Truth did similar things, as the creators pushed the bar as for what was excepted as entertainment and really gave the players a story which at times felt uncomfortable playing, at least I felt so.





Like for example, do you remember the underpants gnome scene in Stick of Truth? If you think that game went far, the Fracture but Whole makes things even more uncomfortable for you, and we all love it.

The game starts up the day after Stick of Truth ends, and with anything involving kids you know their attention span is bar to none, so from switching up from Lord of the Rings/fantasy inspired storytelling to superheroes is as easy as Cartman saying he doesn't want to play fantasy anymore and superheroes is what’s cool, and even though you built you character to become the coolest kid in town you are now banned from playing with the kids again and have to go through the ranks all over again. Which is a funny way to set up a new storyline again, easy and incredible simple but it works so well.




The main difference in The Fracture but Whole, besides fantasy not being cool and superheroes is, is the combat system which is now grid-based. It is still turn-based but the way your characters is positioned on the map is what makes the combat more interesting that it previous game. If a character is blocking your attack you need to strategies around it, same goes with your enemies, so this game has somewhat more strategy involved in each combat routine. It isn't a huge revamped system but at least it isn’t the same thing over again.




Collectables is scattered around the map as with the previous game, and costumes is also a nice addition to go out and look for although costumes are purely appearance and has nothing to do with your overall skill level. Artefacts however is a way to vamp up your character and improve your stats but these are rarely hard to find and I personally ended up not switching them up all that much.




Selfies is how you become famous, obviously, so by going around South Park you are encouraged to get selfies with different people to build up your reputation, and some need you to preform certain side-quests for you to prove yourself to them and in return they will pose for your selfie.




The writing and voice-acting is what makes this experience so incredible great ones again, as there isn't really a new game here, as this game builds on a lot of the things you did in Stick of Truth but the fact that they have taken the time to write relevant jokes, get the same voice actors (usually Matt and Trey though...) and build up a soundtrack to go with the game makes it all worth it for any South Park fan out there.




And that is basically what it all boils down to here, as with Stick of Truth, this game does nothing to bring a new audience who previously didn't enjoy South Park, but it gives us fans a huge playground to interact with and the game is set up like an episode of South Park which is basically every South Park fans wet dream. If you didn't enjoy the previous game, there is a huge chance this wont do it for you but if you did enjoy Stick of Truth then The Fracture But Whole is just what you need right now.

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