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Review - WWE 2K18

Created on Saturday, 04 November 2017


WWE is not what it once was, it used to be the number one TV show, it killed of rival its rival wrestling shows WCW and ECW and became the only place for wrestling for years. But times have changed, and the UFC has grabbed most of the hardcore wrestling fans and WWE is seeing its worst years as of lately. But even though the TV show is chugging along another thing that has always been reliable is the fact that we each year get a new wrestling game. But sadly even these have seen more downs then ups these last couple of years. Me however, I am always positive and even though I have struggled through every WWE game release and review all of them throughout the years I have always found something I enjoyed with them, but WWE 2k18 is really giving me a hard time.





I remember getting introduced to wrestling by my grandfather, back in the late 80s when Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Doink, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and The Undertaker walked the face of this bizarre wrestling world as kings. And even though The Undertaker is rumoured to make a comeback, and the talk of the town is that Hulk Hogan will eventually be let back into the WWE, I cant lie about the fact that wrestling isn't what it once was.




Sure the 90s was the ultimate high of wrestling, Stone Cold, Triple H, The Rock, Undertaker are all names that now demand respect within the WWE and with them all gone (well sort of...) it isn't what it once was. Sure the introduction of NXT is probably the best thing that has happened to wrestling in years, and it manages to create a new excitement for wrestling, there is still something missing in my eyes, but I still call myself a fan of wrestling. And now that my daughter is hooked on it I can get a fresh view on both the games and the TV show through her eyes which also helps. So for this review I got the help of Sasha Banks' number one fan, my daughter.




WWE has seen some extreme changes since 2K took over, WWE 2K13 saw extreme potential but was quickly washed away by the release of 2K15 which in my eyes was the most confusing of them all. 2K17 had something going for it and 2K18 has built upon these additions and tried to perfect them, and while most of these tweaks work it really isn’t enough to save the franchise right now.


Bray Wyatt


With every 2K wrestling release there is one thing I always enjoy more and that is the career mode. I have always loved the idea of creating my own wrestler and taking him through the ropes from rags to riches and 2K18's customization options gives you the ability to create a wrestler unlike anything you have ever seen before. The customization options in WWE 2K18 is mind-numbingly deep and it one of the best I have experienced in any game as of lately. So right off the bat I was excited that was until I started playing the career mode and my fear was quickly realized as this was more of the same, once again.




You see, the career mode starts off like the previous, you start off as a rookie in the NXT and move up the rank by taking on different superstars and doing certain set goals. But the difference between 2k17 and 2k18 is that I actually had a title match after my second match in NXT, which gave me a few problems seeing as the superstar I was pinned up against was none other than Bobby Roode, which was built a lot tougher than my “2 matches in” superstar. So it took a few tries before I finally beat him for the title. But as soon as I did that I was quickly set with running around the dressing room and taking side quests from other superstars which didn’t feel like something a champion would do. I figured I would have to work my way up to the top by making connections behind the scenes before I stood in the middle of the ring across from the current champion.




You also get to somewhat choose the direction your superstar should go, like if he should be a “company man” or a “fan favourite”. Being a company man would give you benefits but other wrestlers and fans would hate you, so basically this would make you a heel, while a fan favourite is just that, a more difficult road but with the fans support. You can also shoot promos but this is such a confusing and random event I don’t know exactly how to explain it and you should look up some videos on so and you will quickly understand what I mean when I say confusing.




The second addition to the WWE 2K18 series is the Road to Glory mode where you take your career online and build your reputation by taking on other created wrestlers around the world and building a name for yourself. But as with anything online this all depends on what kind of people you are stacked up against. At one time, there was a wrestler in a KKK outfit which kind of put me off the whole deal. But there is bound to be people like that and it seems to be normal nowadays. Maybe it is just me being grumpy and old but there should be more regulations on how you can create your wrestler when you take them online.




The carry a superstar, previously-known as UCM, option is a nice addition to the this years game, and for those that don’t know this a gameplay mechanic which gives you the ability to pick up your opponent and carry them around the ring, setting them up for your move and with devastating outcomes if done correctly. This is a set in the right direction as it mixes up the gameplay and gives the players a lot more control of your characters move and how they are preformed instead of just some random string of pre-set options.


SaNity 2


It is still not there yet, sadly, the WWE games is still not where I want them to be. If I am being honest I would love for more button-mashing options in games like this. Or at least the option to switch between what kind of controls you want to use. I also feel like it is just more of the same, and sadly with the career mode being a disappointment there wasn't really much for me personally here. But luckily for 2K my daughter played this game with me and with a roster of over 200 superstars this was like heaven for her. She also spent way too much time creating wrestlers which she absolutely loved, tweaking and turning her intros to perfection. So I guess this is a mixed bag and it all depends on what you expect from this package. Me,

I would love more of the old, and my daughter is happy with the ability to play with NXT wrestlers and creating all kind of madness. So to quote a phrase I feel fit my feelings perfectly: “..I’m getting too old for this shit...” - Roger Murtaugh  

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