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Review - Destiny 2

Created on Saturday, 30 September 2017


We return to one of the most anticipated sequels in history of video games... Well, that might be exaggerated a bit but I remember I kept hearing while Destiny 1 was still fresh in peoples mind that they hoped Destiny 2 would fix all the things we hated with Destiny 1 and it would be a perfect game. But when Taken King released it kind of repaired all the damage the first release came with so playing Destiny 2 they not only fixed what was wrong with Destiny they made it even better, yes Destiny 2 is better than Destiny, there I said it, now read my review before you sharpen your pitchforks.





I loved the original Destiny, so much in fact that I kept playing it despite hating it,you can check out my review of the first game right here.

Then Taken King blessed us with its presence and Destiny was all I needed, and you can read my review of that too right here.

And while you are at it, you can also check our review of Rise of Iron.

So you see, I played Destiny before, an unhealthy amount of it so I have been beyond excited for this release and luckily for me and a lot of other fans they made a new and better Destiny game.




It is difficult to name pinpoint exactly what makes me love Destiny so much but lets start off with Bungie's ability to create a damn good shooter. I mean just look at the Halo franchise, one of the greatest shooters ever made (relax, I said ONE OF...) And going from Halo to Destiny was a bold move seeing as you had tons of angry hardcore Halo fans just waiting for Bungie to slip up and release a wreck and go yell about a new Halo game. And even though that sort of happened, lets be honest, Destiny was never a bad game mechanics wise when it first released. Sure it lacked in the loot department and the story was kind of meh... but it is still one of the best shooters out there (again... I said ONE OF... geez)




But Destiny 2 has so much more to offer, and the first thing is how much more pleasant the game looks as the scenarios are way more colourful than the first game was. There doesn't seem to be too much repetitive backgrounds and areas as the first game came with and to me that is a major factor for a game I am supposed to put many hours into. And of course, as mentioned earlier, the shooting mechanics is still as enjoyable as it ever was so the combat never get repetitive and it is one of the few games out there that I actually take the time out to pop off nearby enemies heading to a mission just because the combat feels so damn good.




But what took my experience over the top this time around is the public events. Adding public events in a game like Destiny (with good loot as a reward I might add) just adds to the overall replay value of the game even after you finish the main story. Also the raids which has always been a part of Destiny but adding to them just gives us players so much more to play around with. Changing the Light system and the Power system also makes sense and levelling up never felt like a grind to me. Destiny 2 took everything you complained about in Destiny and made it better.




Speaking of the main story, the main story in Destiny 2 has more humour in it and never feels as depressing as the first game seemed to focus purely on. Not saying the idea of someone invading the Last City and stripping the Guardians of their power isn’t depressing but the ad-libs from the characters you meet and your ghost had me crack a smile a few times which is rare for any game. This time around each character grows on you as their personality really shines as soon as you meet them. It builds a connection between the players and the characters which I felt was left out of Destiny 1.




I could go on and on about the additions that make up the reason as to why Destiny 2 is a great game but since I know your time is sparse here is the low-down, Destiny 2 is what Destiny 1 should have been from the start. Again, not saying anything bad about Destiny 1 as you can see by my reviews I loved it a lot but for those that complained about Destiny 1 you really should give Destiny 2 a chance. There are so many little tweaks that add to the overall game which are best explored and discovered on your own. Destiny has finally carved its name as a powerful shooter franchise which demands respect and rightfully so and with the additions that we will witness over the coming months there is no telling how well regarded and still topical, this game will be, well into the new year.

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