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Review - Agents of Mayhem

Created on Thursday, 31 August 2017


From the creators of Saints Row we get a new and action packed game. It is more of a crossover to be fair but putting the two up against each other you can clearly see these are two separate games. So how could this be bad? Well, the only problem is that with the success of Saints Row 3 and arguably 4 I kind of felt like something was missing from Agents of Mayhem




When the first Saints Row game released back in 2006 it was a light version of the current GTA game. Not saying it was bad it just didn't live up to what GTA had already established in the open-world genre, but with the release of the second game, Saints Row was starting to find its path. Then Saints Row the Third released and we finally had something golden. And later on the follow-up Saints Row IV just smashed all disbeliefs and established Saints Row as a contender in the open-world genre and had managed to carve a path of its own.




This might be why I was somewhat disappointed with Agents of Mayhem, since I had so much fun with SR 3 and 4. I have been going over this in my head again and again but this seems like it is the only reason as to why. But this is not saying Agents of Mayhem is a bad game it just felt somewhat... empty compared to the Saints Row games.




You control 3 characters at a time, no customization and creating your own character this time around but a slew of 12 agents are available and can be unlocked and chosen whenever you want. The problem occurs a few hours into the game when I have already ran into numerous bugs in the form of glitches such as being stuck on edges of buildings, music and sound clashing and actually falling through the world a few times. But I can live with bugs as long as the story or combat is entertaining.




And here lies another problem, as I didn't feel the story or the combat felt all that great or entertaining but more repetitive and boring after some hours. Sure the specials are great the first few times you try them out and switching out the characters is fun in the beginning but after awhile it all just seems blend.




The humour in the game also seems outdated, either that or I am getting too old. Now don't get me wrong, I can laugh at a game from time to time but forcing kid jokes upon me every 10 minutes gets tedious after a while. This might just be my problem and not yours as humour is luckily a personal thing and you might get a kick out of the jokes and the story but sadly for me it fell flat pretty early on.




The look of the game is nice at least and the feel of the graphics is more in the form of Overwatch if you played it, but I am guessing you have at least seen the way the game looks. The same colour pallets are here and the sleek look of the city is easy on the easy but when you go through the same corridors the 10th time it also becomes repetitive and just a sight for sore eyes, really, really sore eyes.




However, where Agents of Mayhem lacks in character customization it certainly makes up for it in level-up customization as this game comes packed to the brim with level-up options. So much in fact that at first it seems pretty insane, and it is pretty insane trying to figure out what you are using to level the different items and abilities with.




Look, I don't hate Agents of Mayhem, I really don't! It is just somewhat disappointing as I have probably built this release in my head, seeing as how much I loved the Saints Row games, and this is mainly my fault. And I understand there isn't much left to do with the Saints Row franchise seeing as in the last game you are basically a superhero and unstoppable, but I wanted something in the middle. Voltion can do great story, and they can do great humour, but sadly Agents of Mayhem didn't do it for me but I suggest you check out some gameplay videos of the game for yourself because maybe I am just a grumpy old gamer after all and you might love the game.

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