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Review - The Escapist 2

Created on Thursday, 31 August 2017

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The people behind Worms, Team 17, surprised me with the release of The Escapist and since then I have been addicted to the game. So I wasn't hard to convince when I was asked if I was interested in reviewing The Escapist 2




I used to play so much Worms back in the day and I remember me and some friends ditching school at times to go play Worms. It was all we wanted to do. I even got an autographed CD somewhere from the guy who made the theme song back in the day. Safe to say, I have been a Team 17 fan for a long time. Sadly the series has grinded to a holt for me personally and my interest in the Worms series has faded over the years. But when I tried out The Escapist when it first released it had some of that same addictive gameplay mechanics that first brought me to being a Worms addict.




The thing with The Escapist 2 is that if you didn't enjoy the first game then there is nothing for you here as this is much of the same with revamped scenarios, graphics and new ways to conquer each mission. But the idea is still the same, you wake up in your prison cell and it is your job to escape, hence the name.




To escape prison you are somewhat free as to how you do so but there are certain “jail rules” you need to follow which makes the challenge and the key to why these games are so addictive once you start playing them. Picking a fight in the lunch-room cue, or knocking someone over the head with a bar of soap wrapped in a towel at the gym or just slowly but surely digging your way out of your cell, the possibilities are almost endless.




You can link up with a friend though, either online or local which makes all the difference and makes the game even that more enjoyable to play. But the game is truly entertaining solo as well so it is more what you enjoy but the possibilities are there for your choosing.




The game looks and sounds good enough, the graphics isn't really what dragged me into the first game and it isn't why I am coming back, same thing with the audio department but it never gets in the way either so it sort of just blends together.




The Escapist is one of those games that are best enjoyed for yourself instead of reading what I have to say about it because I feel there is something in here for almost every kind of gamer to enjoy. As I mentioned in the beginning of this review, I have been enjoying Team 17s work since the first Worms released and this is yet another release that I know I will go back and play for a long, long time

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