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Review - Double Dragon 4

Created on Saturday, 25 February 2017

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I remember me and my nephew, celebrating a winter holiday at my grandpas house, with a NES and Double Dragon rented from the local video shop. It might have been the greatest weekend of my life. And here we are, I am now a grown man with kids of my own and playing Double Dragon 4 on my Playstation 4...





The return of the super duo Billy and Jimmy Lee, ah the time I’ve spent with these guys, the amount of hours spilled in front of the TV and the amount of blisters on my fingers from the old NES controllers because of this series. As soon as I started playing Double Dragon 4 it almost felt like I never left... and then it hit me, it almost felt like I didn't leave, it never changed, it is still the same game.




But lets put the story mode on hold and introduce everything else the game has to offer, because besides the story mode you get a two player duelling mode and a tower mode. Play the story mode and you unlock characters that you can use in both the duelling mode and the tower mode. The tower mode which serves more like a horde mode in any other game. Fight off multiple enemies and survive as long as you can to progress through the different levels.




You see the problem with this game being so similar to the old classics is just that. Today’s gaming audience is predominantly a younger audience, yes there are a few of us old timers still yelling at our TV screens and telling the kids in the next room to “keep it down in there” while throwing empty beer cans out on the porch, but predominantly a younger audience. And the problem with this is that to them, who do not have a nostalgic feeling towards older games like this it might feel a bit repetitive and slow at times. But for us old timers, this is a great look back at what games used to be and feel like.




To me this is a great visit of my old gaming past, a welcoming friend entering my screen once again after all these years, but to my kids this got boring pretty quick. And that is what I expected going in, so I ended up finishing this review alone without the usual help of my kids. This one is easy, if you have any nostalgia for Double Dragon then go right ahead and spoil yourself, but if you do not have any nostalgia for the series then you might not get too much out of this release. But for us old timers, this is a beautiful nod from a gaming past.

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