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Review - Yakuza 0

Created on Saturday, 25 February 2017


Yakuza is a series of games that I have always had a love hate relationship towards. But with the latest release, Yakuza 0 I am leaning towards love way more than I have ever before



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A report from 2016 shows that the Yakuza franchise has sold a combined total of 9.3 million units, physical and digital since its d├ębut in 2005, now those numbers alone is respectable, and it is hard to dismiss such a powerful franchise. The Yakuza franchise is a series of games that play out in an open world action adventure beat em up genre, created, owned and published by SEGA. The game first released on the Playstation 2 in Japan in 2005 and outside of Japan the following year.




In Yakuza 0 you once again lace up the shoes of a young Kazuma Kiryu and is quickly framed for a murder he doesn't remember being a part of. To cleanse himself of this and his family he needs to take matters into his own hands and track down the real killer and explore what really took place that night to once and for all set things straight.




This is an open world game, but not exactly in the veins of a GTA, as a GTA game gives you the entire map to play around in, more like a sandbox than anything else, while Yakuza 0 have strict boundaries where you can play within. However, the amount of side activities and side quests, besides the main story, is enough to get anyone interested early on. There is even an arcade for you to play real SEGA arcade games, and if that doesn't tickle your fancy I feel sorry for you. But there is way more to see and do than just the arcades, you can fish, sing karaoke, dance you name it this game got some kind of weird version of it.




If you just want to stroll around town you can easily do that as well but you are bound to run into thugs that will quickly challenge you and test your might, but luckily the combat is really entertaining and never got repetitive in the crazy amount of battles I got in during my time with the game. There is nothing more satisfying than delivering a perfectly timed combo and ending the opponent with a finishing move out of this world. It is fun, addictive and an incredible time sink just walking around and looking at what the game has to offer.




If nothing of what I just described to you is up your alley then the game also offers you at least 40+ hours of storyline, a living breathing Osaka and Tokyo and did I mention real arcade machines with SEGA classics ?? Yakuza 0 is an incredible time-sink, a fun and entertaining game from start to finish with incredible replay value and exploratory. If you are going to invest in one game for a few months then this is what you should focus on. Go check out some gameplay videos of the game first and if it looks interesting then you are all set for the rest of the year.

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