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Review - Dishonored 2

Created on Sunday, 04 December 2016


I have always been a huge fan of the stealth-based game genre, and Dishonored was one of my favourite games the year it released. It played through it numerous times with different experiences each time and with the release of Dishonored 2 I was overexcited to once again see what this series had in stores for me this year. However, I didn't expect it to be even better than its previous release in every way possible.



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Dishonored 2 like Dishonored is an action-adventure stealth game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game series puts you in the Empire of the Isles while the sequel focuses mostly on the coastal city of Karnaca and is set fifteen years after the first games events. The first thing you get when starting to play Dishonored 2 is choosing whether to play as Corvo Attano like you did in the first game or control his daughter Emily Kaldwin, both set to reclaim their rightful throne after a certain person takes over control and kicks them out basically.




The thing I love about the Dishonroed games is you can choose how to play it, you can play-through the entire game stealth-fully or you can go in guns blazing. The game however notices how you play and the story and the characters you encounter treat you thereafter. But I quickly realized, as I did with the first Dishonored that the best way to play these games is to just have fun with the gameplay mechanics and not worry too much on focusing your gameplay on just one of the two options put in-front of you.




Dishonored 2 takes the sandbox experience to a completely new level and with the new abilities that Emily has to play with it is an entirely new experience of a familiar game which seems like it is supposed to be implemented in all games similar to this but you would be amazed at how few games actually manages to walk this line and succeed at it, Dishonored 2 definitely does in every way imaginable.




First thing you will notice as soon as you step into the open city is just how incredibly beautiful it all looks and sounds. The developers has really put work in to create an even more impressive visual experience than with the first release which was visually stunning at that time. I replayed the first game right before I started playing Dishonored 2 and you would be surprised as to how much has actually changed between the two games, but most noticeably is of course the visuals for the current consoles, and rightfully so to be honest.




The narrative story itself isn't all that amazing but when you add the ability to listen in on audio recordings or reading notes spread across the world, the overall lore and story of the game can be fleshed out to become more interesting and deep. Again, this is a choice to everyone playing the game as with anything else in Dishonored 2, it is there if you want it but you don't have to take part in it. And to be honest, the game is enjoyable without the back-story to keep you going.


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Dishonored 2 is unlike anything available at the moment, it takes everything from Dishonored and revamps it and builds upon it and creates one of the most immersive worlds I have had the pleasure of experiencing in a while. I hoped this release would be great but as I previously mentioned I had no idea just how much work had been put into this experience to not only make it look and sound new but also play and feel new and fresh. I really hope that this release does well and that we will see many releases like this in the future as I personally would have no problem playing more of this series. I have currently played through the game with both characters and are currently working on my forth play-through and it still manages to surprise and amuse me. A contender for game of the year right here so do not sleep on this release.

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