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Review - Skylanders Imaginators

Created on Sunday, 04 December 2016


Whenever I am tasked with reviewing a game mainly focused on kids I turn to my own kids, hand them the controllers and just sit back and take notes. Not only what I myself see but how the experience make them feel and how easy it is for them to interact with the game. But whenever a huge package from Activision turns up at our door and I know it is Skylanders season the weekend is usually set and the kids can't get their hands on the game fast enough.





Me and the kids have been playing Skylanders since the first one released, so you can imagine the size of our Skylanders collection by now. Luckily for us this years Skylanders introduces a mechanic that not only will save space but also will be a little more easy on the parents wallets, seeing as you can now customize your Skylanders at any time during your play through and this is the main feature for Skylanders Imaginators.




There has always been customization in the Skylanders universe but nowhere near the detailed customization you can play around with in this years release, as you can customize anything from eyes, to body size, voice and even music for your Skylanders. And as with any other Skylanders product you can unlock new items while playing the game.

You start off by placing an empty imaginator crystal on the portal and from there you start choosing a class which range from Bazooker, Bowslinger, Brawler, Knight, Ninja, Quickshot, Sentinel, Smasher, Sorcerer to Swashbuckler, each with its own unique abilities and weapons. As soon as you have picked your class the customization abilities unlock and you start to realize just how deep the customization options are in this game. I have been playing games with customizable characters for many years but even I was amazed at just how deep this customization tree went. And what is more perfect for a kid than creating their very own unique playable character?




Once again Kaos is trying to take over the world and fill it with darkness with the use of the Ancients and their power, so the story in itself isn't all that exciting for someone like me who have sat through every Skylanders play through of every game released, but it is nice to revisit some of the characters we know and love from previous games. The kids however don't really care they just loved the fact that Kaos was still active and that they would get to kick his ass once again.


3082337-gamespotstagethur skylanders 06162016 clean


The art design in the Skylanders games has always been beautifully crafted and Skylanders Imaginators is no different. Bring and colourful environments pop out and the different works you get to explore all bring something new and creative to the table. Sitting back and taking it all in, every little detail has always been my main thing when it comes to the Skylanders franchise and this release ups the ante even more. Some of the worlds looks absolutely stunning in their own cartoon y way.


Skylanders Imaginators Dark Sentinel creator twin turkey


Skylanders has always been my kids favourite series, and it is nice to see them play around with the new features and get as much enjoyment as they do from every new release. They never got tired of playing so I had to control the playtime as always, and whenever we was supposed to play something else they would always return to Skylanders. I love how Activision is trying to keeping this franchise alive as long as possible, I see why from a financial standpoint but when I see how much enjoyment my kids get out of the game it is all worth it. Another great Skylanders addition and I might even go as far as to claim this is their best one yet.  

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