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Review - Dragon Quest Builders

Created on Sunday, 04 December 2016


What if you took Minecraft and the beloved Dragon Quest universe and mixed them all into one brand new experience? It would probably be the greatest game ever created right? Well, to fans of both games it might be considered that but to anyone the slightest interested in either of the two this would still seem like a perfect fit. Well, Dragon Quest Builders borrows elements from Minecraft and tries to make a new experience out of it and it works, kind of.



DQB 01-13-16 008


I remember when I first discovered Minecraft back when it was just leaving Alpha and was going Beta, right before the hysteria took off and Minecraft became the biggest thing since... well since Super Mario Bros. basically. The Dragon Quest universe however isn't as familiar to me, even though I have dabbled in some of the previous releases there isn’t one Dragon Quest game that I have totally conquered, but I have had fun with it. So when I was tasked with reviewing Dragon Quest Builders I was excited.




The Goddess of the realm wakes you up from your slumber, deep, deep underground. When you awake, you are tasked with helping the land of Cantlin to rebuild the ones beautiful world, which has now been taken over by dark forces. The way you are tasked with rebuilding the city is basically, rebuilding the city, and you quickly realize that you are the only person alive who knows that you can actually build stuff and therefore are seen upon as god among men.


Dragon-Quest-Builders 2015 07-22-15 004.0


The entire experience is beautiful and brightly colourful, and by rebuilding towns you bring joy and more colour to the otherwise dark and eerie atmosphere that is currently plaguing the towns. You also quickly start meeting new people that you need to run tasks and quests for to build up their trust or for them to move into your town, manage to do so and they will reward you for it. Pretty basic stuff but it is transformed gracefully and entertaining enough for it to not feel repetitive and boring but rather fun and challenging at times.


dragon quest builders screen 03


When I say challenging I don't mean in the terms of a Dark Souls, as Dragon Quest Builders is easy to navigate and pick up and play for any age, but the game is time-consuming. Apart of previous Dragon Quest games the combat in Dragon Quest Builders isn't turn-based, but real-time, and you swing your weapon of choice by tapping the triangle button, but it doesn't feel like a brain-dead button-masher since the combat felt entertaining and fresh every time I encountered an enemy.




Dragon Quest Builders is mostly about experience and learning by doing. A review would never bring justice to how much enjoyment this game can bring you so I would simply like to advice you of checking out some gameplay videos of the game before you choose to pick it up. But if you enjoy the Dragon Quest universe or if you have spent numerous hours in Minecraft then it might be a no-brainer and you probably should go out and get it. I know I spent a lot of hours in this game just messing around exploring and discovering different things with a smile on my face from start to finish.

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