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Review - Destiny: Rise of Iron

Created on Sunday, 02 October 2016


It is time to return to one of the most talked about games in recent history, we are of course talking about Destiny. Now the name of the game will either bring excitement to you as soon as you hear it or it will bring frustration and annoyance, luckily for me I have always enjoyed Destiny and with the release of The Taken King I still feel as the game is completely changed for the better. But here we are, The Rise of Iron is upon us, the latest expansion to Destiny, but is it enough to have you wipe the dust of your copy of the game?





In a world... long before Guardians bulldozed their way into prominence, the Iron Lords ruled all the Galaxy. Sounds a bit like a trailer for a movie right? Well Destiny's campaign cinematic have always been dramatic and well put together in my eyes and ears. I have enjoyed all of them but always felt like their should be more of them. But with this latest release we at least get a few more of these thrown at us throughout our play through which is always a welcoming addition in my book. The story campaign is set within The Plaguelands which is a completely new location on Earth.




Besides the new campaign, The Rise of Iron also comes equipped with new quests, new strikes and some PvP action. But that is not all, you will also get to experience new weapons, armour and gear. New maps and modes for the Crucible multiplayer, and a six-player coop Raid. The maximum light is also increased and new enemy faction and bosses to conquer. So judging by that the Rise of Iron should be a must for anyone interested in continuing with Destiny. Anyone who fell off the wagon previously to the Taken King should at least go back and check out the game now that it has been significantly improved and is almost what everyone wanted the game to be right from the start, but it is slowly but surely getting there.




For anyone still on the fence about Destiny I just want to tell you that it is safe to come down now and enjoy this game with us. It is safe to say you enjoy Destiny now even though a lot of people are going to argue your opinion. But luckily, we all get to choose our own opinions and I have stood by mine since the release of the Taken King, that Destiny is shaping up to be an incredible experience. And with the additional release of the Rise of Iron they just keep adding to an already packed “endless” game. And with the continuous support from the developers in form of expansions and updates the way it has been this last year there is no reason to not jump back on the wagon and have fun with Destiny again and be proud of it. I know I am.  

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