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Review - Filthy Lucre

Created on Sunday, 02 October 2016


Have you ever dreamt about being a stealthy burglar? And also being the main character in a Guy Ritchie move? Well Filthy Lucre is as close you'll probably ever get without breaking the law or being that weird guy on the film-set that nobody invited..



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Filthy Lucre reminds me a lot of Hotline Miami, not saying they are similar games as they are clearly not but if you keep that in mind it is a lot easier to explain what this games is all about. Your job is to steal money, how you do it is usually up to you but there is always a suggested way of handling certain jobs.

As you start up you choose from 8 different characters and you head into the game trying to find a specific item while you have certain “not so important” items which if you collect adds additional experience points to your character when you finish a level. The XP levels up your character with different skills available throughout the game and the money gives you the ability to buy new weapons and items to use on your next heist.


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The only problems I encountered while reviewing this game was the A.I which at times seemed extremely unpredictable in the way of them spotting you as it seemed like there was no way of telling if the person you were sneaking up on would notice you 9 feet away or 2 feet away at times. And the other problem was the camera which would centre in positions at times which left me frustrated as it would block my viewpoint. The fact that you have to start all over if you die didn't bother me too much as I started playing video games back in the 80s and that is what games used to do. Back in my day we didn't have save-points dammit!


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The heat meter adds somewhat to the difficulty for anyone trying to go in guns blazing, as it fills up whenever a camera picks up on something out of the ordinary like a dead person. If you go in shooting up the place the heat meter will also increase and if it reaches level 4 you have 60 seconds to get the hell out of there and if you don't then the hit squad will make sure you don't leave there alive.


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The game has local and online multiplayer which I found was the best way to experience this game. Not only did it make the experience somewhat more easy but it also made the frustration at times more bearable simply because you could choose to blame the other person for the mistakes being made and that is always a good thing with multiplayer games.


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Filthy Lucre wasn't a mind-blowing experience in the way of giving us something we have never had before, but it also didn't break anything that we are used to by now. It is simply a good time-waster and a good cooperative experience. When playing the game solo however it could cause some frustration but overall it is nice but at times repetitive experience.

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