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Review - Mount & Blade: Warband (PS4)

Created on Sunday, 02 October 2016


Mount & Blade: Warband is a stand-alone expansion to the previously released Mount & Blade, and it introduces a new faction, increase political options, giving players the ability to start new factions and brings on-board the ability for multiplayer. Now all of this released on the PC back in 2010, so why are we writing a review of the game just now? Well this is the Playstation 4 version of the game which just released. So the question is as always with games like this, how well can you port a PC game to a console?



Mount-Blade-Warband Screenshot -2


I love medieval settings, it is my favourite setting within gaming, and I would choose this any day over anything futuristic. So if you give me the ability to go out into a medieval world and do whatever I want to succeed, like a medieval GTA then sign me up. And this is almost exactly what Mount & Blade: Warband gives you, the ability to either follow a story path, pick up side quests or just head in a completely opposite direction and claim success on your own turf.


Mount-Blade-Warband Screenshot -3


Now lets just get the basics right out of the way before we head in to eliminated anyone simply interested in incredible graphics, because this game is not for you. Remember this was originally a 2007 release, and this port has done little to no upgrade in the graphic quality. It almost reminds me a of a slightly newer version of a mix between Morrowind and Oblivion if you can imagine that. But the meat of the game is with the freedom and the random weirdness that takes place in the game. But the good thing about downgraded graphics is that it gives the console the possibility to bring on up to 64 players at once without any significant lag, which is always a nice addition.


Mount Blade-Warband console 05


Another thing you also need to know right off the bat is that the controls doesn't carry over too well from PC to console as this is clearly a game for mouse and keyboard. It works, but it can get frustrating at times when you are trying to command your troops while in action. There is nothing that can't be done however but it takes some time to get used to at least.


Mount Blade-Warband console 03


The multiplayer mode is my absolute favourite part of this entire game, as much time as I spent with the story and the RPG part of the game in the single-player mode I think I doubled that with the multiplayer part of the game. So, to cut this review down a few pages, because believe me if I was to pick apart this entire game we would be here for hours, so to save time, Mount & Blade: Warband is an entertaining experience if you are heading into it expecting what it is there to offer you. This isn't a showcase game for the current-gen consoles, but it is a incredible entertaining experience for anyone who enjoyed the game on PC, or for those that missed the boat on the official release of the PC version of the game. But do check out some videos before you buy it if graphics is really that important to you. I know I enjoyed Mount & Blade: Warband and I hope you can too.

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