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Review - Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

Created on Sunday, 02 October 2016


Pac-Mans back alright! Again. I can't help but feel like I just wrote a review for a game like this not just a few months ago, but anyway, here we are yet again, another Pac-Man review! This time it is for Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 on the Playstation 4





Don't fix what is not broken as the easiest way to describe this second release in the Pac-Man Championship Edition series, as this release really doesn't change too much it just adjusts a few things here and there which not only gives you a reason to buy another one of these but also changes enough for it to feel somewhat new and fresh.




This is the truest form of arcade games out there, Pac-Man have been and probably will be one of the most noticeable and familiar character and games within this industry. The idea is simple, eat the yellow dots without being caught by the ghosts. As you progress through the level the game speeds up and the difficulty ramps thereafter. It is incredible simple to pick up but also incredible hard to master.




With two modes to wrap your brain and fingers around you get to choose from Score Attack and Adventure. Score Attack is the basic game where you play while trying to get the highest score possible before you try out a new stage, and the stages are unlocked along the way. The Adventure mode however introduces objectives to the mix which gives the game a completely new way to be played and enjoyed. The two modes might not sound like a lot but once you start digging into them you quickly realize there is more than meets the eye with Pac-Man, as it always has been and also the reason why it has been so hugely popular for all these years.




A new addition to this version of the game is the ability to bump into ghosts without dying. If you bump into the same ghost three times you enrage it and it starts following your every move. The ghost trains which we saw in the previous version of the game is back but this time you have the ability to mow and chow down up to four different ghost trains. Now add the fact that fruits aren't free anymore but must be earned by eating enough pellets and then start the clock. Oh did I mention there are boss battles and bounce pads?




Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 feels a lot quicker at times than the previous Championship Edition did, and at times more frantic other than that and the addition previously mentioned in this review it is still more Pac-Man Championship Edition and if you enjoyed the first release there is no reason you are not going to love this too. It is one of those incredible addictive games that just seems to slowly evolve and stay relevant with the core aspect of the game still being intact.  

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