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Review - Jotun: Valhalla Edition

Created on Sunday, 02 October 2016


Norse Mythology is something that I personally feel should be explored more in games. We have a few releases so far but nearly not enough if you ask me. There is so much incredible lore that has yet been unexplored so you can imagine my excitement as a Norwegian when I was tasked with reviewing something incredible close to my heart, Jotun, the latest release from Thunder Lotus Games





As early as I can remember I have learned about Norse mythology, my grandfather was eager to teach me about the Norse Gods from an early age and the lore and the characters have always stuck with me since those days. Here in Norway we have a place called Jotunheimen, which is a mountainous area in souther Norway. Jotunheimen includes 29 of the highest mountains in Norway. Now I realize this has nothing to do with a video game but I feel it is important to show how much this mythology has followed me throughout my life. And when I play games it is usually based upon characters and places that I don’t know or have never visited, so for a game to devote all its time to places and characters that I keep close to my heart is an incredible delightful journey.




Jotun the game however, is also an incredible delightful journey from start to finish, even though it is a somewhat short experience and I would wish it would be endless, but it gave me the option to replay it multiple times with its replay value simply because it looks and sounds so incredibly beautiful.


The game is hand-drawn, and you are set in Jotun and control Thora, who died but has given the task to prove herself to the mighty Gods of Valhalla. But the first thing that really set the tone for me was once the characters spoke as I quickly realized that this game actually has authentic Icelandic voice-acting. Now for those that don't know, Icelandic is somewhat similar to Norwegian in many ways, although they are two completely different languages we do share some similar words.




Thora is equipped with a strong and a quick attack, other than that she needs your guidance to help her solve different puzzles to unlock the bosses at the end of every stage. You need to discover different statues which are located in the different areas and once you discover these statues then Thora learns a new ability which can be used later in the game.




Everything in the game leading up to the bosses are not all that complicated, the puzzles should be somewhat easy at most times and the enemies you encounter shouldn't give you too much frustration, however once you encounter the boss the entire game difficulty changes radically and the size of the bosses also helps put the overall difficulty in perspective. The boss battles in Jotun are incredible well put together and thought-out which and each one of them brought something new and different to the overall experience.




Jotun is a incredible beautiful experience, not only visually but musically it will drag you into its world and keep you there throughout your play through. It is so nice to finally have a game that completely focuses on the lore within Norse Mythology and that might have been a small percent of why I love this game so much but I choose to believe it is a well put together experience that deserves all the praise that it gets. And if you are the slightest interested in Norse Mythology you should really go check out and support Jotun as we need more games like this in this industry.

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