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Review - Batman: The Telltale Series

Created on Sunday, 04 September 2016


Telltale has been seeing great success these last few years and it seems like there is a new Telltale game being released every 6 month, and then a new series announced a month later. Now don't get me wrong, I love the Telltale series at the moment and I feel we need as many of these as they can pump out but I can also see some people getting tired of them. The newest addition to the series though is Batman and this might be one of the better ones if you are a fan of the character and the world surrounding him





My favourite Telltale adventure game series so far is the Game of Thrones one, Walking Dead first season and the Wolf Among Us. One problem I had with the Telltale games though is the focus they seem to need on the combat which in my mind do not really mix with the overall feel of the game.




I would be more than happy to just do the choices and skip the combat sequences but the Batman one seems to be more action focus than any of the other games so far.  Again, this is more a personal opinion than anything else but still worth mentioning.




The first episode of this five episode season puts you directly in the shoes of a grown up Bruce Wayne, and even though you get to play as Batman as well this episode mostly focuses on the man behind the mask. And luckily the developers seems to be focusing more on the Wayne family more than the now all too familiar story of the Dark Knight which is nice.




The look and feel of the game seems well thought out this time around. Yes, you will have that now well-known Telltale graphical feel to it but since this is based on a comic book character it seems as the focus as been also pulled towards a more comic book vibe which mixed beautifully with the already established Telltale model. There are spots in the game where you just want to stop and take it all in but as with most Telltale games there is no downtime.




The detective mode that Telltale brought in with this game is well through out and a great addition to this game and the character. You get to mix and match objects and people and then watch how it all unfolds later on. This is the only time in the game where you do get some time to move at your own pace because the rest of the game is timed and riddled (no pun intended) with quick-time events as with other Telltale games.




I am not afraid to admit that I am and have been a huge adventure game fan, and with Telltales run these last couple of years I have become a fan of the company and everything they release. It is nice to have games such as these where you feel you make important choices and sometimes regret decisions you make. I am excited to see where this is heading and if I am to judge this upon this first episode then this is going to be another classic Telltale experience, fingers crossed.

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