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Review - Overcooked

Created on Sunday, 04 September 2016


Cooking! Who doesn't love cooking? Am I right?? Wait where are you going? OK fine! It is a game, a really funny game, and it has coop in it. Good, you are back. Alright listen, Overcooked is a great coop game but not as good of a single player game and here is why





The last cooking game I played was Cooking Mama, and since then I haven't really seen or heard of another cooking game until Overcooked was first shown, and when I first saw that game I knew this was what my family would be playing from now on out.




This is one of those games where you gather a bunch of friends, get something good to eat and drink and just bundle up in front of the TV, play and have fun for hours. You will make enemies and you will make friends with this game, it is one of those type of experiences.




You have probably played similar games on your mobile device of choice, one of those cooking games where you get an order and you need to fulfil this order within a certain time-frame or the customer leaves and you get no money or points. And if you manages to get the order out quickly you get more money or points. Sounds familiar?




Now take this concept to the consoles, add a few friends, and then add scenarios where everything around you chances as you are trying to make food for your customers. How about a ship that constantly moves tables and blocks your path when waves crushes into the ship. Or how about cooking on top of two moving cars? These are just a few of the different and crazy scenarios you are set with in Overcooked. Trust me, this game will test your friendship and your patience.




You need to master the fine art of multitasking, meaning doing more than one thing at the time or as I like to call it, doing multiple things half as good. You need to use strategy and communication if you are playing coop and if you playing single player I hope you have a lot of patience because it is going to become an almost impossible mission towards the end. This game is and probably always will be best played with friends.




Overcooked is one of those games that just seems to have come out of nowhere and completely blew us away. I don't know the amount of hours we have put into this game by now but we are still going back to it whenever we have a few hours to spend. It is one of those games that whenever you get some friends over and you want something to occupy you with then you show them this game. But remember, try playing this game with friends instead of doing it solo as this game seems to be made for coop more than anything else.

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