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Review - Dangerous Golf

Created on Sunday, 04 September 2016


If you take former Criterion Games founders and Developers Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward, put a studio behind them, call it Three Fields Entertainment and try to imagine what game they would make would your first guess be a golf game? Well this is where we are, as Dangerous Golf emerges onto the scene it is Burnout crash mode meets golf, allow me to explain





Criterion Games is mostly known for the Burnout series, and as a huge Burnout fan I was incredible hype to see former developers and founders from this team was heading out to create a new game, but when I heard it was a golf game I couldn't have been more confused. Dangerous Golf isn't your normal golf game though because the main goal of the game is to smash and destroy as much as possible before you get the ball into the hole, and it is set usually inside and not out on a beautiful green field.




Right off the bat you are introduced to the game mechanics by DJ, and right off the bat I am overwhelmed with instructions and tutorials and by the end of this lengthy tutorial about 20 % of what I was just told still sticks with me, so it took a few tries before I could start getting behind how the game truly wanted me to play it. I was figuring that I just smash the ball around and destroy objects and move on but it was kind of more complicated than that.




This is what I picked up by playing the game, items that are highlighted are objects that you should focus on, and if you destroy enough objects unlocks the Smashbreaker which turns the speed of the game down significantly and gives the player a better chance to focus on what to hit to increase your score before finally putting the ball in the hole. So by the end of your turn you get one chance to sink the putt and if you manage to mess this up then half your score is deducted.




Dangerous Golf is a game that I would recommend if you got a few minutes or hours to spend where you do not want complicated stories or intricate RPG elements, but just want to have fun and cause havoc. The frame-rate slows down at times which is kind of annoying, but the effects caused by the demolition are great and entertaining enough. But all in all this isn't a game I will be picking back up from time to time but might be a game I introduce to the kids at some point. Now lets get a new Burnout Paradise game going shall we ?

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