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Review - 7 Days to Die (PS4)

Created on Friday, 05 August 2016


This is a weird one, 7 Days to Die is still on Steam's Early Access and yet here we are, with a review for the released Playstation 4 version. But with a hunger for survival games that seems to never end there is clearly a market for games like this to be released, eventhough it is a glitchy mess at times





The overall idea with the game is simple, as the genre implies it is a survival game with zombies where you are dropped into a world with little to nothing and it is up to you to survive with things scattered around the world.




The first problem with this port is that it is clearly made for PC and with a controller that isn't always the best way to experience a game when it is made for mouse and keyboard. I have played the PC version and I can tell you that my experience on the PC was far superior to the Playstation 4 version in form of controls. Luckily whenever you build the items usually click into place without too much hassle but when it comes down to manoeuvring or combat is where the game clearly starts lacking.




Other than the controls the graphics isn't much to write home about as it suffers from huge frame-rate drops at times and pop in textures. Speaking of textures, the same buildings and surroundings seems to repeat wherever we travelled, which cause the overall feel of the game to become repetitive and hard to know where to go or where you have already been most of the time.




The concept and idea for 7 Days to Die is why I wanted this port to be so much more than what I experienced. The most positive thing about the overall experience was the offer to bring someone in couch co-op which is my favourite thing in any game nowadays and seems like a feature that is slowly dying out. But other than that you are better off playing the PC version if you want to try this out as that version seem to be the closest to what they are aiming for and this might seem like a rushed product. Hopefully the game will continue to be patched and some day we get a finished product but as of now this is just as much of an early access product as the PC version is, however the PC version is the superior version if you have to choose one.

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