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Review - Heart & Slash

Created on Friday, 05 August 2016


Heart & Slash is a rouge-like game, meaning you loose everything whenever you die. It is similar to older games that I grew up on where you usually had to finish a game in one sitting if you ever were to see the ending. Luckily for this game you bring something with you in the afterlife as you unlock new weapons whenever you progress far enough in the game





You are Heart, set in an abandoned robot factory during the Robolution, and humans are no more thanks to the evil QuAsSy, and without much choice you take it upon yourself to save what is left and destroy the evil empire before it is too late.




With randomly generated levels each time you play this is a game with huge replay value and no need to memorize levels as most old school games used to rely heavy on. It is a familiar yet fresh enough product in a genre that has seen more released in these last couple of years.




Health is regenerated by trading in items or weapons and if you die that is it. So this is clearly a game for those of you that are looking for a true challenge in the best old school style. Unforgiving and keep pushing the players to not be reckless and think through their every move.




With fast-paced action and a 3D view Heart & Slash is a classic game for anyone the slightest interested in this genre and with the idea of permadeath there is enough tension in every run to keep you clutching your controller and praying to whatever god you may choose.




However, the overall look of Heart & Slash isn't all that amazing, the surroundings are blend and boring at times but the fast-paced combat luckily doesn’t give you much time to dwell on it. This is clearly a game for anyone with a hunger for challenge, and it is a game for anyone who has grown up with older games, however this might be a game for you if you never played any game like this. I suggest you check out some gameplay videos of it first though just to make sure this is something you might enjoy. It is a well-made time-waster if nothing else.

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