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Review - DEX

Created on Friday, 05 August 2016


The first time I started playing DEX I remember thinking that this wasn't the game I thought it would be and if I didn't review it then chances are I would have turned it off and probably never picked it back up again, but luckily for me I didn't and slowly but surely it went from a downer to an incredible entertaining and, at times, deep and complex game





When you think “Cyberpunk” you are probably visioning a world close to either Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Syndicate or Transistor, and if you are you have a pretty good view of what DEX looks like. As the game starts you are awoken and quickly get an introduction to some of the game mechanics before you are told to run and meet up with someone. From there the game goes from a pretty standard platformer to an open world side-scrolling RPG.




DEX offers you different ways to play the game and it is one of the features I enjoyed the most with the entire experience, you see if you level up charisma for example you can talk your way out of situations that would usually end with either combat or you running away from combat. You get multiple choices as far as how the entire experience plays out and it feels like taking complete control of the game which I truly enjoyed.




You are set with some mini-games throughout the game in form of hacking which is portrait nicely and serves as a form of diversion from the main story, which offers plenty of combat. And sadly the combat is where the game kind of started turning frustrating for me personally as I did not enjoy the combat mechanics at all in this game. It is sad because you will preform a lot of it and if it only had been a little more interesting and deep this would be close to a classic for me. But sadly the combat is what kind of ruined some of the overall enjoyment for me personally.




Look, if you enjoyed games like this back in the day and would like to relive them then DEX is an incredible well put together experience for you. However if you want fast-paced action then sadly the combat might put you off. Don't get me wrong though, DEX is a powerful game in its own genre and it is a well-made product for the price they are asking, it just might not be for everyone which is why you should check out some gameplay videos before you invest in it.

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