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Review - Kerbal Space Program (PS4)

Created on Friday, 05 August 2016


Kerbal Space Program has finally come to console, but how does a game so intricate and complex transfer to a controller? I have to admit that I was a bit nervous heading in to this review seeing how much I love playing KSP on the PC, but I suited and booted up and tried out the Playstation 4 version of Kerbal Space Program





I remember when I first heard about Kerbal Space Program, right off the bat it sounded like a game I would never have the time to invest in. However, some time passed by and videos of gameplay started popping up and it became clear to me that this might be something that I could be into. Then when I first got my hands on the released version I knew this was where all my free time would be going from now on, and since then I have been playing Kerbal Space Program on and off since its release.




But that was on the PC, so when I got word KSP would come join the console generation I was all over it and grabbed myself a review code and headed back into it thinking I could easily get my family into this game now that it is on the big screen, but sadly the passion for KSP doesn't run deep in my family and the console version didn't do enough to win the rest of the family over.




Luckily for me I have played numerous hours of KSP already so I knew the basics and then some, but for anyone new to the game I highly suggest you go through each and every bit of the tutorial as this is an incredible deep and difficult game to master. As I mentioned I have played a lot of this game before and I still learn something new almost every time I jump back into it, but for newcomers I can easily see how you can get scared of even trying to play Kerbal Space Program but you really shouldn't, because as soon as you start picking up and learning it slowly but surely becomes and amazing experience.




And the feeling you get when you first leave earth and the music changes is beyond anything else. You need to put small goals for yourself and your first one should not be to land on a planet, that might come after weeks of training, but start off small and the reward will gradually become bigger and more delicious.




The problem however, is not the game itself seeing as not much is changed from this version and the PC version, the main problem is sadly as I feared, the controls. Trying to manoeuvre and control a spaceship with a controller is far more difficulty then with a mouse and keyboard. It is clearly manageable but for someone like me who have been training with a mouse and keyboard all this time the switch was far too difficult.




But if this is your first time with the series do what I did and check out some “how to” videos and start learning as I am sure the controls will be far easier for you to handle that isn't already locked to a mouse and keyboard and then you can come by and teach me a thing of two. Kerbal Space Program is just what I expected but I will personally keep playing the PC version but you should try out this version if you do not have a PC that can run it.

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