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Review - N.E.R.O

Created on Monday, 27 June 2016


NERO, or Nothing Ever Remains Obscure is one of those experiences that you sit back and question what a game truly is anymore. It has many description but the official one is “a wonderful journey in a world of incredible beauty...” or to be more specific “a story-driven first-person puzzle game with intuitive controls”. So if any of what has just been described to you sounds boring this is probably not the game for you, however if you are intrigued with this then NERO might just be what you need right now





The beautiful thing with NERO is that it explains nothing to you when you first start up, you just start walking and while reading the closest thing you'll come to an explanation written on the side of your path you slowly but surely learn how the game is supposed to be enjoyed. It is also a visual explosion from start to finish even though it is a short game it is an incredibly beautiful one.




Without the writings on the wall during your gameplay a soothing narrator also chimes it from time to time which just improves the overall mood which is already pretty powerful much thanks to the visuals accompanied by the beautiful soundtrack and soothing sound effects. Even though there is a somewhat open path the game nicely holds your hand and guides you down the correct path without it being to obvious. But sometimes you just want to trail off just to see what’s out there.




But NERO isn't all about walking around listening to sound effects or taking in the view it also has a few puzzles cleverly spread across the different areas that you need to solve to progress. With a slow progression on the difficulty level for these puzzles you are eased into the mechanics as you gear up for the puzzles at the end which will really make your brain hurt if you don't approach them correctly.




The story is what drives the player forward, the visuals are what keep you from getting bored and the soundtrack and the narrative is what binds the entire experience together. This game is best experienced in one sitting if you have the chance to do so but it can also be spread across multiple play through. But as mentioned early on in the review, this isn't a long game, clocking in at around 3-4 hours of gameplay, it is more of a experience than an actual game at times. However, if this is something you enjoy then NERO should be just what you needed right now after a hard day of work or school. Enjoy.  

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